Winter 2017 Horoscopes

February and March finally see a little less craziness, after that awful New Year we’re all having so far.


February and March finally see a little less craziness, after that awful New Year we’re all having so far. You may find that you’re finally ready to move forward, and initiate the process of following your heart’s desire. March is an excellent time to begin new projects, tackle big problems and make new friends.

February 19th-March 20th
With a little bit of extra-cosmic hassle coming your way, your decision-making process will be muddled at best. You might feel conflicted, pulled in opposing directions, and getting opinions from all over the place. This is an excellent time to tackle an annoying problem that’s been hounding you—an unexpected solution may emerge. You also may find that some work you’ve been dreading has already been done.

March 21st-April 19th
Strength, Aries, as I’m sure I don’t need to remind you, is about more than just power. True strength means power plus flexibility. There’s no doubt that you’re able to make decisive, tough decisions when you need to. In the coming weeks, however, you’ll be tested when it comes to just how well you can weather the storm. You’ll need to determine just how far you can bend. 

April 20th-May 20th
Don’t think of it as being bossy, Taurus—think of yourself as a divinely-mandated educator. We want you to succeed, so we need you to teach us how to support you. Don’t make demands from an emotional place. Instead, take the opportunity to demonstrate to those around you how you would like to be loved and celebrated. We’re taking our cues off of you, Boss.

May 21st-June 20th
Place your bets; buy some penny-stock; go on a crowdfunding bender. You have the ingenuity and brilliance to share, so make an effort to invest in something you think is worthwhile. Throw your strength behind something you really believe in. The first (and most difficult) step, of course, is to find something you really believe in.

June 21st-July 22nd
Stop feeling sorry for yourself, Cancer, and let other people feel sorry for you. You need to tell yourself a better story. You’re greater than the sum total of your insecurities and fears. Rather than seeing them as unrealistic expectations, let the regard the rest of the world holds for you be an opportunity to grow.LEO

July 23rd-August 22nd
Passion is your main priority, queen. Dote on your lover and they will dote on you. Open yourself to the love and affection that’s waiting for you, and don’t be shy about telling someone how great they make you feel. Make abundance, joy and sexy fun the foundation of your smile. It’s excellent protection against the midwinter chill.

August 23rd-September 22nd
Far be it for me to advise you to be under-handed, but your social capital is running real high right now. If you’d been having a hard time getting people to embrace your perspective, late February/early March might be an excellent time to revisit some previously difficult conversations. Remember to be gracious and keep your cool, but know that you have a little bit of extra luck from the sky right now, so don’t be scared to capitalize on it.

September 23rd-October 22nd
It’s really easy to tell someone to buzz off when they can clearly see that you’re too busy to deal with them. The problem right now, Libra, is that you’re not too busy. You have ample time, to the point of unemployment. That doesn’t mean you have to put up with a demanding companion. Tell them to buzz off in case you get busy.

October 23rd-November 21st
Somebody get the Ritalin. March finds Scorpios bouncing off the walls. Physically, emotionally and, of course, sexually, there simply won’t be enough hours in the day for Scorpio to get everything done. Do try, though, to get it all out of your system. Finding an outlet will serve to calm you down, and keep you out of everyone else’s hair.

November 22nd-December 21st
So you’re in love. That’s great—really. When Sagittarius, the Bachelorette of the Zodiac, settles down (as the stars indicate you may soon be doing) it’s usually for keeps. Use the newfound calm in your romantic and domestic spheres to center you while you push forward on your larger goals. Put your new girlfriend to use—every superhero needs a sidekick.

December 22nd-January 19th
On one hand, the details are such a drag. March finds you endlessly answering e-mails, constantly texting and having to network your little butt off to get anything done. On the other hand, you have an astute sense that this much work is simply the name of the game, and since you’re most definitely in it to win it, suck it up.AQUARIUS

January 20th-February 18th
Check yourself before you wreck yourself and take everyone else out with you. I know you’re chomping at the bit to make some big changes, but you need to get right with yourself before you put your brilliant ideas on blast. Maybe do a beta-test of your new approach. Get some constructive feedback to make sure you’ve got everything exactly perfect before unleash-ing your vision on the world.

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