The Dish: Ellen DeGeneres Gets Into Bed With Lea Michele & Talks With Non-Binary “Billions” Star Asia Kate Dillon

Ellen continues to queer daytime TV.

Hey there! What are you doing at noon PST? Watching this Outfest Women in Filmmaking Panel I’m thrilled to be a part of? Rad.

You can live in Ellen’s mansion for a cool $45 million. You can also learn a lot from her show, like lesbians have more orgasms, which she may have passed along to Lea Michele after they got into bed together.

Also, Ellen continues being badass by bringing out Billions actress Asia Kate Dillon to talk about being nonbinary on daytime fucking TV.

Cambodian LGBTQs are coming out with a new queer magazine (“Q Cambodia”) and meet-ups at “LGBT-friendly bars and coffee shops opening around town.”

A noted anti-LGBTQ group, C-Fam, is part of the UN, which makes it clear that things aren’t so safe for us in the United Nations.

Donald Trump has made sure to remove questions about sexuality from a national survey given by the Department of Health and Human Services, effectively erasing LGBTQs from being able to address things specific to them on this important and telling questionnaire. Let’s hope this whole Russia thing works out in our favor.

Lesbian moms rule (duh), but sometimes, they have to defend themselves against dumb things like this:

“Some would argue that our son is being deprived of a male role model because he is being raised by two women (this argument is often equally targeted at two men raising a daughter). To that I say “codswallop.'”

Codswallop indeed.

Bisexual Spice Girl Mel B has filed for divorce from her husband.

Out magazine and The Advocate may be up for sale.

A new app (created by a cute queer couple, duh) will help LGBTQs find safe, friendly health care professionals for their specific needs.

French TV movie “Mystère à la Tour Eiffel” is an interracial lesbian love story set in 1989 Paris. Incredible.

Vermont is allowing Janet Jenkins to sue noted anti-LGBTQ group, The Liberty Counsel, for their help in keeping her daughter from her after her ex-partner (her daughter’s biological mother) renounced her lesbianism and kidnapped the kid.

Immigration is an LGBTQ issue.

A rainbow flag was defaced outside of California Rep. Alan Lowenthal’s Capitol Hill office this week.

A new study done by the Archives of Sexual Behaviour found that lesbians are less likely to be in positions of power because of the sound of their voice. An excerpt:

“Lesbian candidates were associated with a lack of femininity and identified as gender non-conforming and received less positive evaluation than heterosexual counterparts.”

Kentucky students will likely not be learning about LGBTQ history in schools.

Gucci is co-opting queercore and it is definitely not cool.

A lesbian couple wanted to test if their PDAs would shock or upset people. The answer? Only some older folks.

In praise of “The Real L Word.” (Really.)

But why isn’t anyone a lesbian anymore? (I am. Just saying.) 

I’ll leave you with this: Eating vag cures cancer.


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