Eureka O’Hara Comes Out As A Trans Woman


“I’m blessed now because I know who I am without question,” Eureka said in an interview with People.

Eureka O’Hara has come out as a proud trans woman.

The “Drag Race” alum and star of the HBO documentary series “We’re Here –” came out yesterday in an exclusive interview with People

“I’m blessed now because I know who I am without question,” Eureka said in the interview.

In the interview, she recounted her journey toward recognizing her own gender identity, which she said began when she was a child. 

“I found contentment there for a while, but there [has] always been something missing,” she says, of identifying as non-binary. “It’s like I’ve been searching for something. I realized that it was me not allowing myself to be the woman that I am, out of fear.”

She also said that she was inspired to transition thanks to two trans individuals she met while filming “We’re Here –”. One of those individuals, Dempsey, was in the process of transitioning as a young girl and the other, Mandy, transitioned later in life, at the age of 70.

“Hearing the story of Mandy regretting losing all that time – and all the regret and the pain that she was going through during the time of not fully being herself – was really important to me,” Eureka said. After that, the realization that she, herself, was a trans woman “just clicked.” 

Her transition journey will be explored in a two-arc episode of “We Here –” that debuts Friday. Eureka has also released a video to her most recent single, “Big Mawma,” created by her production company, House of Queens. 

She will also appear in the next episode of “The L Word: Generation Q” airing Dec. 25.  

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