Anatomy of a Love Seen by Marina Rice Bader, Gets Worldwide Release Online

Following its premiere at Outfest, the lesbian-themed feature film will be available for streaming on Vimeo

Writer/director Marina Rice Bader (executive producer of Elena UndoneA Perfect Ending) is releasing her feature-length directorial debut Anatomy of a Love Seen as a $5 digital rental on Vimeo via the film’s website:

Following the July 18 premiere of the lesbian-themed drama at the 32nd Annual Outfest Los Angeles LGBT Film Festival, Bader will immediately give the film its worldwide release as a streaming rental, breaking outside of and bypassing the traditional Hollywood distribution channels. In the age of YouTube and viral marketing campaigns, it’s becoming less uncommon for a feature to eschew theatrical platforms completely for a digital release; yet it’s quite unusual for a movie to be made available online immediately after a festival premiere. Typically films would travel the film festival circuit long enough for media and word-of-mouth to build.

But in keeping with the “do-it-her-way-ethos”, Bader was set on the idea of exploring alternative distribution options in order to engage and connect directly with her fans, and get the film out to as many people as possible. On July 19, she will execute the innovative release strategy, making her new project Anatomy of a Love Seen available easily and affordably for fans to view around the world on any Internet-capable device. In addition, subtitled versions for a number of foreign languages will also be made available including Spanish, Portuguese, French and German.

Following in the footsteps of filmmakers the likes of Louis CK and Joss Whedon who have taken on distribution themselves, Bader isn’t the first filmmaker to the direct-distribution game; but she is one of the first ever out filmmakers to offer LGBT audiences around the world and cinephiles alike a lesbian themed feature film as a low-cost digital release immediately after its first festival premiere.

As the driving force behind Soul Kiss Films, her independent film company, Bader’s artistic direction is focused on one goal:  to create evocative, entertaining, and compelling movies by women, for women and about women. She’s successfully planting the seeds to do just that with Anatomy of a Love Seen, the forthcoming Raven’s Touch, and a new film set to shoot in December.

Anatomy of a Love Seen stars Hollywood newcomers Sharon Hinnendael, Jill Evyn and Constance Brenneman. This film within a film explores love in all its painful and messy glory.  Six months ago, Zoe and Mal fell for each other while filming a love scene, which led to an intense, whirlwind affair, followed by a devastating breakup. Soon after their split, things get complicated when the two have to meet on set once more to re-shoot that fateful sequence.

Filmed in five days, this improvised movie based on Bader’s story, characters and outline fulfilled her desire to create a very organic and visceral experience.  Anatomy of a Love Seen was made on a micro-budget, but that hasn’t stopped a huge online buzz. Released just a few weeks ago, the trailer for the film is making a lot of noise having already garnered half a million views:

Anatomy of a Love Seen will be available streaming on July 19 for $5.00 for a 72-hour rental period at:

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