America’s Most Captivating Couples 2009, Part I

Between new friends and familiar favorites, choosing the most delightful duos of 2009 was no easy task. But our hard work paid off and here we present part 1 of this year’s most captivating couples! Look for more couples in the March issue!

Athena & Annica

New York, New York
Athena, 32, Singer/Songwriter, Actress, Music coach
Annica, 27, Math Teacher, Kipp Infinity Charter School brought Annica and Athena together. A lucky Annica sent an online wink to Athena and received “You. Are. Adorable.” as a reply. The couple took a big step this past Christmas and introduced their entire extended families to each other. The newly introduced in-laws are thrilled their daughters have found love. “Everyone got along!” says Annica. “We went for Chinese Dim Sum, played board games and exchanged gifts.” Cooking vegetarian dinners, hanging out with friends, watching TV and vacationing together keep Athena and Annica busy. They even find time to work together—Annica sings backup for Athena’s band. The girls credit a willingness to communicate, the ability to listen and making time for dates and romance as the secret to their happy relationship. “Gratitude, romance and love are important factors to staying together,” says Athena. “And don’t be afraid to see a couple’s counselor when times are rough.”

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