America’s Most Captivating Couples 2009, Part I

Between new friends and familiar favorites, choosing the most delightful duos of 2009 was no easy task. But our hard work paid off and here we present part 1 of this year’s most captivating couples! Look for more couples in the March issue!

Melissa & Jessica

Jersey City, New Jersey
Melissa, 33, Musician
Jessica, 25, Assistant Buyer, Retail

“Ours is a good story,” says Melissa. “We are completely in love and lust with each other.” Jessica and Melissa met at Melissa’s first New York show. “I walked into the club and immediately focused on the woman on stage,” recalls Jessica. “I was compelled by her voice.” Jessica shoved her way to the front of the stage, and the two locked eyes and exchanged smiles. At the end of the night they locked eyes again, and their shared glances led to days filled with great conversation that stretched into months of spending time together. Melissa taught Jessica chess and drumming. Jessica taught Melissa how to ski, trapeze, and is now teaching her Spanish. They’ve been together for a year and share a happy life filled with wrestling, dancing and having fun. They both agree that laughing together is a key to their success.

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