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20 Ways To Show Your Mom She Really Is Your BFF This Mother’s Day

May 10, 2018

Get your mother-daughter best friend bond on!

When was the last time you treated your mom like a friend rather than just your mom? When was the last time you called her just to say hi, rather than to ask her a frantic question about how to do your taxes? This Mother’s Day, it’s time to spend some quality time with your momma and show her how much she means to you. Here are 20 Mother’s Day activities to get your mother-daughter best friend bond on (that are more creative than brunch!).

1. Drive somewhere beautiful

One of my favorite things to do with my mom is drive from her apartment all the way to Montauk. We get to see all of Long Island and it’s such a beautiful drive. We blast Janis Joplin and roll the windows down. Then once we’ve reached wine country, we make rosé pit stops. Once we’re in Montauk, we have dinner at Gurney’s.

2. Sex and The City marathon

Is there anything better than bingeing on Sex and The City surrounded by snacks? No. My mom and I do this and compete with each other over who has the most SATC lines memorized. (I, Carrie Lezshaw, always win.)

3. Spa Day

This is a cliche for a reason – because it’s so FUN! Your mom does so much for you – why not treat her to a day where she is pampered to the nines? I’m not just talking mani-pedi. I’m talking facial, massage – the works.

4. Write letters to your future daughter/granddaughter

This might sound cheesy but it can be a powerful experience. What has your mom taught you that you want your future child to know? What have you taught your mother that she’d want her future grandchild to know?

5. Interview your mom

You know your mom, but do you really know your mom? Do you know about her first love? Do you know her stance on controversial issues? Do you know what her favorite smell is? We often forget that our moms are nuanced, multi-dimensional people who have had a world of experience before they had us. Get to know your mom as a person, not just as your mom.

6. Cook for your mom

Even if you can’t, like me. It’s the thought that counts. Pour her a glass of wine and get googling “idiot-proof recipes.”

7. Go to a class together

Cooking, crafting, pole dancing, pottery, painting – the possibilities are endless.

8. Go to a wine tasting

Splurge and rent a car so you can turn up with your mom on a winery tour.

9. Take your mom dancing

She deserves a night on the town.

10. Scavenger Hunt

Hide cute little messages around her house that lead to a gift.

11. Take her to a movie, one that her partner would NEVER want to see

Does your dad hate getting dragged to “chick flicks?” Take your mom to see that movie she’s been wanting to see.

12. Go to a museum or gallery

And then you can both pretend like you understand modern art together.

13. Explore a new neighborhood together on foot or on bikes

You little adventurers, you.

14. If you live near water, go out ON the water. Rent a boat or be lazy and take a ferry (don’t forget to bring a picnic lunch and some great wine)

Me and my mom are the most uncoordinated people on earth and would totally capsize a kayak, but I believe in you and your mom.

15. Check out a farmers market or craft or antique fair

And treat her to whatever her heart desires.

16. Instead of a “surprise gift” go shopping at a store SHE loves and buy her an outfit SHE picks out!

I hate to break it to you, but your mom might not want another “mom” necklace. So let her pick out a cute new outfit.

17. Go play mini golf! It’s a ridiculous game guaranteed to have you both laughing.

Again, don’t forget the wine.

18. Look through old photos

Don’t forget the tissues as you’re both bound to get sappy.

19. Swap closets

Your mom has all those cool vintage clothes you’ve been eyeing. You have that leather jacket she’s been wondering if she can pull off.

20. If you’re determined to do brunch, go somewhere new and exotic. Try a tasting menu and enjoy exploring a new cuisine, together

Might I suggest one of these adorable brunch spots?


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