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20 Queer & Lesbian-Owned Businesses To Support This Holigay Season

November 28, 2017

We have complied 20 queer and lesbian-owned businesses!

Holiday shopping can be super overwhelming. There’s pressure to find the ~perfect gift~ for everyone you love. And then there’s also the fact that it’s just so damn expensive. If you’re like me, then you haven’t even started to think about shopping yet. You’ve been in a daze of enjoying the blissful in-between weather of Autumn, going on cute dates, and masturbating in your childhood bedroom.

But now it’s time for the holiday shopping craze—no matter what particular holiday you celebrate, gifts are usually involved this time of year. And if you’re going to be hemorrhaging money shouldn’t it be going to support businesses that are in line with your values?

Supporting queer and lesbian owned businesses is actually vital. They’re out here doing the damn thing and we can help support them so their business can continue to thrive! The more representation we have in the world, and the more queer and lesbian women are succeeding—the better, babes. It makes a difference when a young queer girl comes out and had always envisioned owning her own clothing line but never thought it was possible because of homophobia. I could write a whole article about the importance of representation and supporting queer-owned businesses!

BUT, I actually want to give you 20 queer and lesbian owned businesses to shop at for your holiday gifts.



Ever since the release of Premme this past year, we’ve been obsessed. It’s femme, frilly, pink, stunning and designed specifically for plus sized women. They cover sizes 12-30, which is so rare for fashion designers who hardly cover anything over a size 8. Which makes it so difficult for anyone outside of the ridiculous “body” standards to find fabulous clothes. Lucky for us Premme came to the rescue, and it’s co-owned by the fabulous queer femme Nicolette Mason.

Trans Is Beautiful

White & Gold Tank Tops now available for purchase! www.TransIsBeautiful.storenvy.com

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These tee-shirts are simple but powerful. You can throw on a comfy tee with any outfit and have your message heard loud and clear. Because trans is beautiful and owner Devin-Norelle wants everyone to know it. If you are a cis ally, you can also make a donation to ensure a trans person can get one of these incredible shirts.

Stuzo Clothing 

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This is the perfect gift for your most fashionable boifriend. Stuzo is designed by the incredible Stoney Michelli and Uzo Ejikeme, they started the line in 2010 with the “mission is to create a space in the fashion world where all are welcome without judgment.” Their clothes are chic, gender neutral, and of course fashionable as f*ck.


😻 POWER #wildfeminist #thispussygrabsback

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What would a queer-owned business list be without our faves at Wildfang? They have everything from dapper suits to comfy statement tee’s and badass patches for your jean-jacket. The babes over at Wildfang know how to do it up right, baby! They even have curated gift lists for different people in your life (the activist, the jokester, your bae).

Everyone Is Gay

I happen to know that Everyone Is Gay apparel is perfect for holiday gift giving from personal experience. I got my first ever girlfriend a sweatshirt that said “everyone is gay” on it a few years ago. She loved it, her mom hated it. They have shirts, hoodies, and tanks with amazing and super queer slogans. They also have gay music compilation albums for purchase, which is amazing.

Kipper Clothiers

Are you newly engaged? Looking to surprise bae with a fitting for her suit/tux? Kipper Clothiers should be your go-to. “Our stylists at Kipper Clothiers are available to guide you through the finishing touches and the finer details of your polished look,” it says on their site. And looking through their Instagram, it looks like they’ve styled some mega-babes for super important moments in life (weddings, graduations, etc).


Pyramid Seven

So many of us have periods. And they kind of are the f*cking worst. Especially if having them causes body dysphoria. That was happening for founder Zipporah Jarmon, so they decided to do something about it. Undies make the perfect stocking stuffer! Add to your list for really anyone, queer or not.

Coco And Breezy

Does your bae wear specs? Then get her the most fashionable (and queer owned) pair on the market! Coco And Breezy was founded by twin sisters Corianna and Brianna Dotson back in 2009 and has instantly been a hit in the fashion world. They are acclaimed by Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and more chic AF pubs.

Bluestockings Boutique

I f*cking love Bluestocking’s lingerie. It’s so queer. So inclusive. So badass. They fulfill my lingerie dreams. Described as, “Lingerie you can feel good about choosing. 100% ethically made.” (*Hint, hint, nudge, nudge to anyone shopping for me.)


A post shared by CHROMAT (@chromat) on

Do you ever have a moment where you find out something you already love was made by a queer person? It’s such an amazing revelation. Like, I already loved Chromat. But then I feel even more in love when I discovered they’re founded and designed by a queer woman. These designs are perfect for the beach babe in your life. Or the lingerie hoarder.


These dapper ties are the most ideal gift for your butch babes. AllJackedUp has such amazing products, from leather to plaid to cool patterned bowties. They even have super special doggie bowties ~so cute~.

Nik Kacy Shoes

A post shared by NiK Kacy (@nikkacyfootwear) on

The designer for this brand, Nik Kacy, created these shoes out of necessity for themself and the larger queer community. Kacy found there was an ongoing issue when masculine of center queer folks wanted to purchase shoes—they would go to the men’s section but they wouldn’t fit quite right, especially because of limited sizing options. These shoes are the perfect splurge gift for your butch or nonconforming babe.


Beelux Goods

Poetic Justice quickly became a favorite so we decided to make it a staple in our inventory!

A post shared by BeeLux Goods LLC (@beeluxgoods) on

I’m completely obsessed with Beelux Goods. Their products are ethically made, delicious smelling, super good for your skin, and of course queer owned. I highly recommend their bath bombs and face masks. These gifts are perfect for your beauty queen.

Roots & Crowns Apothecary 

Max Turk started Roots & Crowns Apothecary as a hobby while she was in a Masters program for Sustainability Education and since then, it’s grown so quickly. She has an incredible resource of knowledge about all things herbal, witchy, and healing. Her products are created with intention and care. They will make for perfect gifts for the queer witch or herbalist in your life.

High Moon Femme

Dacia Holliday is a queer, indigenous, femme healer who provides the most insightful tarot readings. Do you know someone who needs a little motivation or has some big life questions or just wants to delve more into their spiritual self? A reading with Holliday is the perfect gift for them.

Next World Tarot Card Deck

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Do you know someone who is maybe ready to take their healing to the next level with their own tarot card deck? This deck made by Cristy C Road are the perfect stocking stuffers. They have messages of justice, love, resistance, and peace.


Bluestocking Bookstore

Every time I walk into Bluestockings, I feel my little queer heart flutter. It feels like home. Walls plastered with radical books on every topic you could dream of. Information about our queer history. Last year, I purchased all of my gifts here. A book for everyone I love. Costs vary and they have a plethora of amazing zines available as well, so you really can find something at every price point.

Compassionate Revolt

Okay, so this isn’t technically a bookstore. But it’s the perfect gift for anyone in your life who LOVES to learn and is committed to restorative justice. Traci Medeiros-Bagan, LMFT started the Queer University on their website and it’s filled with so much knowledge. Their classes are incredible, and I for one would love this as a gift.

Sex Toys

Good Vibrations

A post shared by Good Vibrations (@goodvibestoys) on

Good Vibrations has been around since 1977 making sure all the queer ladies have pleasure in our lives. What better gift for someone than a beautiful sex toy?

Wet For Her

A post shared by WetForHer (@wetforher) on

Okay, not only is Wet For Her lesbian owned. They make sex toys specifically for lesbians. They have every sex toy that your little heart could desire. Perfect gift for bae.

Happy shopping babes!

Corinne Kai is the Managing Editor and resident sex educator at GO Magazine. She looks at the world through the lens of a pleasure activist, femme-of-center queer woman. You can listen to her podcast Femme, Collectively or sign up for her witchy wellness newsletter or just stalk her on Instagram


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