13 Trans Artists To Support This Holiday Season

As you rush to find the perfect holiday gifts for your beloveds, consider intentionally buying from trans, gender-nonconforming, and intersex artists.

True trans allyship includes economic justice and wealth redistribution. At a time when trans people face significant employment discrimination, many trans folks rely on their art to provide for themselves and make ends meet. Check out these 13 amazing artists whose work you can support and share this holiday season.


UNGNDRD is a nonbinary, POC owned business that features a growing variety of apparel designed to validate the stories and experiences of the trans and nonbinary community. Their designs are clever and pointed, and they are intentional about every step of the shopping experience if a customer has to purchase things under their birth name, the UNGNDRD team will include an affirming personalized note or a small drawing addressed to their real name within the package.

Get the Hottie with a Nonbinary Body shirt here, and the Stop Gendering Clothing sweatshirt here.

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