10 Queer International “It” Girls To Live Vicariously Through This Pride Season

Divine dykes and cute queers to stalk in every city.

Pride is a queer extravaganza that happens throughout the world. And as much fun as it is to join ~local~ celebrations, it can also be cute to follow along with what kind of gay stuff is happening in different places, far away from where you live! For example, I’ve always wanted to be in the queer mecca for Pride, San Francisco. Even though it’s not the queer destination it used to be (yes, I’m looking at you horrible tech bros for ruining it), I can’t even imagine how magical The Castro is during Pride. There has got to be hot, hot gays everywhere you look! Gorgeous queens and kings. Divine dykes and eager baby queers.

While I’ve definitely idealized Prides elsewhere, this little tool known as ~social media~ opens up our worlds to experience things ~virtually~ we may never get to IRL, in this lifetime.

So please enjoy my master list of queer “it” girls to follow in these spectacular gay cities that we can live vicariously through this Pride season!

1. Iris Triska — San Fransisco, CA

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Iris Triska is a lesbian party promoter for the weekly Vice Tuesday in San Fran for all the hottest women in town. She also organizes the most incredible SF Pride party Wild Things. This year, Wild Things has Kehlani has their headliner. Hot!!! The tickets always sell out for this annual queer celebration and you can watch all the juicy details from Triska’s Instagram if you aren’t going to be in the queer mecca for Pride.

2. Kristen Kaza — Chicago, IL

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Kristen Kaza is a cultural producer, self proclaimed “diva of dykes,” and celebrator of community. She has been shaking things up for queer and trans folks in Chicago lately. Kaza creates party’s with a purpose through her organization No Small Plans. Kaza is at the core of Chicago’s queer scene and will surely be taking her followers along for the party. Give her a follow for all the scoop into these sexy Pride celebrations.

3. Chelsea Starr — Portland, OR

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If you’re a New Yorker, then you definitely know who Amber Valentine is — well, she has a twin who has just as much lez star power. Chelsea Starr lives in Portland, OR and is a lez DJ, stripper and party promoter. You can find her headlining most Pride events happening in the Rose City. Follow her Instagram for all the hottest rainbow updates and to follow along for the wild ride of Pride.

4. Allison Graham — NYC

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Allison Graham is one of my fave Instagram influencers because she is real with her followers — also providing tender messages about being an out Black lesbian woman. She can often be found romping around the city (and the world) with her girlfriend who is a makeup artist on Broadway. Following her on Insta before Pride will be giving you all the inspiration and rainbow feels. She’ll surely be documenting all of NYCs amazing Pride moments that you don’t want to miss.

5. Scarlett Snow & Daniela — NYC & Orlando 

It’s no secret that we love this lez duo. Scarlet Snow and her bae Daniela are tearing up the queer nightlife scene all over the country lately. Scarlet can be found dancing at every major lesbian party in NYC and the two often travel back to her home state of Florida to give the lesbians there what they want, as well. Follow them both on Insta to be in the know about all the sexiest lesbian Pride celebrations in NYC and Orlando.

6. Newsha Syeh — Australia

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Have you ever wondered what Pride is like in different countries? Same. But I don’t have any vacation days left this year, so I guess I won’t be making it to Australia for Pride. No worries — just follow Newsha Syeh for all the most to-die-for event updates from across the ocean. This lez babe can be found modeling, making out with her hot AF girlfriend and attending all the best queer events in Australia.

7. Liz Lambert — Austin, TX

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Liz Lambert has been dubbed Austin’s most famous and badass lesbian in the city. So who else is there to follow for Pride events in Texas? No one. This lez has it all — from the hottest music venues to the most incredible lesbian Pride events. Everything is bigger in Texas, so everything also must be gayer, right?

8. Mollee Gray & Jeka Jane — LA 

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Mollee Gray and Jeka Jane are the most darling lesbian dancer couple who have been living up their best lives in LA. Following the two of them will not only give you an insight into their personal lives and incredible choreography — it will also inspire you to be f*cking proud to be LGBTQ. The two will surely be celebrating LGBTQ Pride throughout the month of June and you can have all the Cali FOMO (I know I do) from the screen in your hand.

9. Ari Fitz — LA

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Ari Fitz was one of the first queers I found on the wild world of lesbian YouTube. Fitz takes her Insta followers around to all her adventures and also gives personal commentary via her stories. While LA Pride happened this past weekend — Fitz is bound to be a part of Pride extravaganza’s all over the place. And we all know the celebration doesn’t end until July 1 — lez be real.

10. Bella Blue — New Orleans, LA

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What is more NOLA than a hot AF queer burlesque performer? Nothing. Bella Blue can be found performing at almost all the lez events and she is not a dancer you want to miss out on. Follow her on Instagram for all of her event updates and juicy dance videos if you don’t have any vacation days left this year for an IRL visit. Blue is a self-identified Unicorn (same) and also a teacher at NOLA School of Burlesque.

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