An Ode To NYC Pride

Courtesy of NYC Pride

We cannot be silenced, no matter how hard they try / We love you forever, NYC Pride.

From Harlem’s rhythm to the lights of Times Square,

The city’s heartbeat pulses, love is in the air


It’s almost NYC Pride, and we can barely wait,

We’re so excited, we can’t even think straight


It’s more than a party, more than a parade,

Every Pride, life-long connections are made


We build a safe space for LGBTQ+,

No matter the identity, there’s room for all of us


Join the Dyke March on Saturday, with banners held high,

Voices together in unison, reaching the sky


On Sunday, let a rainbow of colors beam on your face,

And let queer love take up all of the space


After the parades, it’s time to rejoice,

There are parties all weekend, so make your choice


Celebrate at Stonewall, where it all began,

We honor the heroes who took a stand


Swing by Cubbyhole for lesbians galore,

Go to Henrietta Hudson for even more


If you’re in Brooklyn, there’s a lesbian bar for you,

Try Ginger’s, Mary’s, and The Bush too


Get tickets to Hot Rabbit and dance until dawn,

Better get them fast before they’re all gone


If you like to party during the day,

Then Teaze or Bliss Days will blow you away


If you are the type that’s house-music-obsessed,

You’ll love all the parties hosted by House of Yes


No matter where you go or what you do,

NYC Pride is always inside you


So let the world hear our joyful cheer,

Because in this city, love conquers fear


We cannot be silenced, no matter how hard they try,

We love you forever, NYC Pride.

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