10 Gorgeous Queer Girls And Their Stupidly Cute Dogs

This is the best thing you will see all day. We promise!

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In case you missed it, last week we wrote about lesbians and their love of cats. I’m not sure what it is about queer women and our pets—but we are just obsessed. If you hang out with enough queer women, you’ll find that the conversation eventually gets to the point where everyone is bragging about their cute little fluff ball (dog, cat, hamster, bunny, whatever it might be).

A 2014 study from Prudential on the “LGBT Financial Experience,” pet care items were in the top five discretionary income expenditures for lesbians. We just really love our pets! I think that it has something to do with embarking on our own to find our chosen family at a young age. Though many LGBTQ people have found acceptance from their parents when coming out, the queer chosen family is still super important.

Having an animal around as a part of that family is ~amazing~ for so many reasons. There’s also the fact that it used to be a lot more difficult for queer women to have children, meaning their fur babies were their only children—which is bittersweet.

But this still rings true today. So many of my queer lady friends are constantly going out on adventures with their pups. Traveling the world with their dogs. And having their dogs as companions that are tried and true. Dogs are amazingly loyal and are the best love machines in the world. Coming home from work to see my own dog is like one of my favorite moments in my day. She’s just so damn cute wiggling all over the place, so happy to see me!

I’ve definitely used my pups cuteness to my advantage on dating sites (hello, main picture with me and her together on Tinder). And I know some girls only swiped right because they wanted a cute doggo in their life! Let’s be real, we’ve all been there.

To continue this series of cuteness—we present to you 10 LGBTQ+ girls with their incredibly cute pups!

1. Kate Moennig being a stage mom.


Stage mom. #petwigs

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Kate Moennig loves her pets so much that she got them a modeling deal. But she just can’t let go! She’s such a ~stage mom~.

2. Thirst trap pup.

A post shared by Samira Wiley (@whododatlikedat) on

Alright, Samira Wiley—we see you with this thirst trap. Just getting all the queer girls pining after you even more with this cute pup in your photo.

3. The officer dog!

When your dog gets his badge before you #deputymoot #dogsofinstagram #malamute #lesbiansandtheirdogs

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This smart doggo will be saving lives and taking names! And his proud mama will be right by their side.

4. Dog with a lesbian haircut.

This pit bull is so gay, they went out and got themselves a lesbian haircut! JK that’s their cute mom behind them. I would definitely swipe right.

5. Model dogs.

Portia de Rossi is the epitome of femme. But her fur babies are kind of stealing her spotlight in this photo! I mean, just look at those cuties.



A post shared by 🌈 G A B Y D U N N 🌈 (@gabyroad) on

A TINY, WRINKLY, LITTLE BABY! We couldn’t have said it any better than Gaby Dunn: Nooooooo!!!!

7. Fur baby.

Whitney Mixter out here advocating on behalf of all fur babies. We love it.

8. Snuggle babe.

looking for a third #cuddlebuddies

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Looking for a snuggle buddy this winter? This cute doggo looks like they’re always down to cuddle up for binge watching “The L Word.”

9. This dog will be your lesbian history teacher!

Throwing it back to Mabel Hampton and her dog Liberation sorting through some of the very first of the lesbian herstory archives. We love this lesbian memory. Totally pulling at our heartstrings.

10. This dog has a big lesbian crush on you.

#batears #parabolicears #lesbiangirl #lesbiandog #mydog #mylove #myblonde #mypussy

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This doggo is a giant lesbian (aren’t we all).

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