Classic Lesbian Film “Desert Hearts” Turns 30

Thirty years ago, lesbian-themed films were rare. Outside of a select few like “Personal Best” or “The Hunger,” any blatant portrayal of someone Sapphically-inclined was shrouded in subtext, or made out to be a villain.

Butterscotch Melts the Mic

Multitalented beatbox champion and recently out, all-around musical wunderkind, Butterscotch, is breaking down barriers with her new EP and single, “Accept Who I Am,” which tackles issues of social justice, racism and identity—proving that “a woman’s place” is anywhere she wants to go. 

The Iceman’s Daughter

The daughter of a notorious mob hitman, Merrick Kuklinski has long struggled to talk about her journey through a life plagued by violence and abuse.

Q&A with Laura Cramer

The out Instagram sensation spoke to GO about her crazy popularity and the responsibility she feels comes with her success.

The Authentic Life

Sarah Paulson on defying labels, pressure to be an LGBT activist and missing Jessica Lange

Holiday Fever

Kylie Minogue on her hot Christmases, ‘loyal’ gay fans and the lucky fella she’ll be kissing under the mistletoe