GO Proudly Presents: 100 Women We Love, Class Of 2020

Tillie Walden

Photo by Annemarie Rogers.

Tillie Walden is a queer cartoonist and illustrator of award-winning graphic novels, including “Are You Listening?,” her most recent story about two women who meet and share intimate, emotional stories, as well as the greater idea of human connection. Typically consisting of intricate linework exploding with color, Walden’s art is delicate and vibrant at once, and her work can be found on projects other than novels, such as “The Cosmic Spirit Tarot Deck,” her original and hand-painted tarot deck available in October. As an LGBTQ+ artist, she says her work is inherently queer because of her own identity and that anything she creates is an important queer narrative — regardless if it’s a comic about cats or one about her own coming out. “I don’t believe my stories have to always be full of queer content,” she says. “They’re all being told in my gay voice, so they are all meaningful.” What draws Walden to an opportunity isn’t necessarily something comfortable, though; to her, being able to expand and grow her abilities to tackle new projects is what’s most exciting in her career. “The most rewarding aspect of my work is simply proving to myself again and again that I am capable,” she says. “There are always bumps in the road and always moments where I simply want to give up or don’t feel good enough, but I have always found my way out.” —GP

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