GO Proudly Presents: 100 Women We Love, Class Of 2020

Gretchen Wylder

Photo by Maro Hagiopian.

As the creator, writer, and star of the award-winning queer web series, “These Thems,” Gretchen Wylder knows the key to success is laughter. “Laughter is universal, and it allows people to let their guards down and intake new information in a safe and hopeful way,” she tells GO. “I hope that, by spreading awareness of our community through a comedy, people tune in for the jokes and leave learning something they otherwise wouldn’t have known.” That is the secret ingredient to what makes the series — and Gretchen — so special. She is a trained theater actor who has performed in numerous Off-Broadway, regional, and international productions; but it was her very own project, “These Thems,” that skyrocketed her career and impact. Featured in Outfest LA, Inside Out Toronto, and NewFest NYC, the show has won critical acclaim and a dedicated fanbase. But the most rewarding part of her work, she says, is seeing the positive change “These Thems” brings. “Fans have come out as nonbinary after seeing positive examples of coming out on the show,” says Wylder. “Trans youth have messaged me saying that the show gave them hope during dark times. Lesbians have reached out saying ‘I’m Gretchen! I came out when I was in my 30s!’ Even cis/het allies have messaged, grateful for the show and its lens of visibility and educational elements. I feel honored that I was able to bring this show into existence.” —GP

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