Workin’ It (Part 2) 2009

The Rest of the Best Of 2009’s Red Hot Entrepreneurs

Alice Derock
Owner, Wet for Her

Based in Paris, Wet for Her (WFH) is the first company specifically committed to making sex toys marketed and devoted exclusively to lesbians with dedicated branding, images and packaging. WFH Owner Alice Derock says, “We thought about what a lesbian sex toy would look like and we came up with the symbolic image of fingers.” After only two months of product sales in Europe, WFH is the number one sex toy retailer in France. Derock’s success is rooted in keeping the natural gesture of two women making love with a toy design that suits the needs of women. WFH also keeps its commitment to partnering with companies that care about lesbian sexuality—from safe sex practices, to materials certified as non-toxic, and an interest in gay rights. By Valentine’s Day, Derock hopes to broaden WFH’s range of products and develop the business in the U.S.

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