Red Hot Entrepreneurs 2014

Leaders of the pack!

Founder and Director, PinkFitz

Kate Fitzpatrick says she´d ″rather climb a mountain at 6am with amazing people than stumble out of a club with whoever was left.″ In 2013, this yearning for a circle of like-minded fitness freaks grew into PinkFitz, an online personal training community specifically for LGBTQ people. Why focus on our demographic? Fitzpatrick says we have high levels of obesity, depression, anxiety and low self-esteem, and PinkFitz is a tool to change that. With custom meal plans, workouts, personal training and motivation, ″you can be anywhere in the world and still be part of PinkFitz, and engage in a healthy homo lifestyle,″ Fitzpatrick says. In fact, she´s inspired by one of her clients, a lesbian teacher in Mississippi who was fired for being gay. Now the woman has supportive friends across the globe and support on her path to wellness through PinkFitz. All in a day´s work for Fitzpatick, who was the youngest person ever elected to Australian local government (at 19!) and still volunteers with numerous LGBT groups. ″I was told focusing on the LGBT community was silly and narrowing my audience,″ she admits. ″I just didn´t listen. I followed the tune my heart sang and I believed. Believe it; achieve it!″

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