Workin’ It 2010

45 of 2010’s Red Hot Entrepreneurs

In 2008, after being together for eight years, Jenn Gellman (right) and Millie Acosta decided to quit their jobs and start OnyxRai Productionz, a New York-based film, photography and post-production company focusing on red carpet shots, concert tapings, commercials, film projects and LGBT weddings. With Acosta’s love of independent and foreign films and Gellman’s passion for black-and-white photography, it was the only right thing to do. A CPA and world traveler, Acosta oversees the foundation of the business. Gellman says she provides comic relief to keep the business’ foundation from cracking. On being out in the entertainment industry, they say, “It’s been a positive experience. By being openly gay entrepreneurs, we have grown as a company. We are proud of who we are and what we stand for. We make it known with our business.” Their biggest struggle, though, is “not killing each other because we live and work together 24/7. But hey, it would make a great lesbian docudrama!”

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