Workin’ It 2010

45 of 2010’s Red Hot Entrepreneurs

Jenn Tracz’s Connecticut-based firm, JTracz Designs, offers communications services such as Web design, copy writing, press releases and social media consultation. Tracz is also the first executive director of the Connecticut Alliance for Business Opportuni-ties (CABO), the state’s gay and lesbian chamber of commerce. “I have been very fortunate that being out has catapulted my career,” Tracz says, adding that she plans to launch a second consulting business with a focus on the LGBT community in the next few months. “As the executive director of CABO, I jokingly refer to myself as a professional lesbian. It is an amazing feeling to wake up every day, be who you are, do what you love and be rewarded for it. I know not everyone has the luxury of being out professionally and there isn’t a day that goes by that I am not grateful for the opportunities I have been afforded.”

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