Weekly Horoscopes For Queer Women: Subtle Confusion

Get ready to find rhythms in your thinking and life rather than patterns.

Weekly Horoscopes for Queer Women: November 27, 2017

Subtle things are happening this week until Sunday, December 3rd. Right on Monday, we’re hit with a Mercury going past Saturn in late Sagittarius, making us jump right back into our obligations after a long weekend. It may feel like we suddenly have to get back to work. It’s a great day for getting your thoughts in order and for changing your mind about something, if you need to sit down and just think for a while.

On Sunday, we’ll have the Full Moon in Gemini which we’ll spend the week building up to, a Sun square Neptune aspect, and Mercury goes retrograde. Talk about confusing! In fact, because all this activity is centered around Sagittarius, confusion is exactly what we’ll get. You see, Sagittarius is about thing not making sense, about coincidental puns that generate entire ideologies by pure accident, about positionally and what you stand for based on where you are, and the impossibility to describe all that you can see, hear, touch, and feel. Get ready to find rhythms in your thinking and life rather than patterns. You’ll get your mind hole blown away based on what you can misconstrue based on these rhythms. The most important thing during this time is to be unafraid of making mistakes or getting mixed up. Sagittarius knows that these things are exactly how learning and evolution happens.

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(These horoscopes are more accurate if you look at your rising sign, sun sign, and moon sign! If you don’t know your time of birth, sun and moon signs are fine.)

♈️ Aries ♈️

Use confusion as your institutional weapon. It’s best to focus on the ways that you are not being understood, whether it’s because you’re too transparent or opaque, and arm yourself with that fire to dig your heels into your position. Leaving this room gives you the space to mess up, which leaves you room to grow. Be messy with your ideas.

♉️ Taurus ♉️

Get messy sexually or, if you don’t want to have sex, through any shared experience. This week is all about trying to wrap your head around what it really means to share a living experience with a family member, a lover, or even a stranger. You’ll find something that resonates with you, if you’re looking, and it might confuse you. That’s okay.

♊️ Gemini ♊️

Right now, all the objectivity in your life is coming from your relationships or society and the subjectivity is coming from you. With your chart ruler going backwards, you might find it difficult to articulate your position. Don’t worry, Gemini, about logistics. Worry about the general feeling of what you’re out to do. Find strength in your specificity.

♋️ Cancer ♋️

Deal with the miscommunication at work. It’ll ease your subconscious life if you can let the mistakes that need to happen actually happen so that you can figure out what this says about the nature of your job. Sometimes, inefficiency has to happen and, sometimes, a sense of alienation is necessary. Counteract this by cultivating your dream life but still deal.

♌️ Leo ♌️

If you’re in love, text messaging might be fueling a lot of confusing and highly fueled emotions right now. If you’re giving birth creatively, what you make might not make sense. Embrace the sense of illogic and have fun with it by being totally transparent about what you want. Use your emotions like a riddle and it’ll help you process with joy.

♍️ Virgo ♍️

The point of this week is the help you reach understandings about your family and heritage that you haven’t reached before. With any new knowledge, sometimes we react first with rage. It’s okay to be angry because it’s a sign that you’re getting somewhere. Protect yourself with misunderstanding. Define yourself through relativity.

♎️ Libra ♎️

What comes out of your mouth may be exactly what you mean to say but, by the time it goes into another person’s ears, it will have already changed shape in the air. Similarly, this is true of what you’re receiving through all your senses. Acknowledge and respect the specific boundary that your skin organ shapes you into feeling, hearing, and tasting.

♏️ Scorpio ♏️

Well, Scorpio, it’s time to cut costs. You’ve been spending money without looking at your account, even if it’s not too much. Also, it’s time to make sure that you’re being compensated fairly for what you’re giving out. You might be a little confused about what you’re worth. Let yourself listen and engage in this issue with relativity rather than jumping to conclusions.

♐️ Sagittarius ♐️

So, you’re not sure who you are or where you are. That’s your favorite place to be, isn’t it, Sagittarius? A place of unknowing? No matter what, you can see the horizon and future possibilities and that’s all that matters. The more comfortable you are with being lost, the more you will get out of this week. Stumble and you’ll find something really cool.

♑️ Capricorn ♑️

Wow, Capricorn. You’ll have some wacky dreams this week. Honestly, it’s still time for you to chill and just day dream. Explore some kinky things or some things that you never thought you’d be into and let your fantasies take over the wheel of your life. This is healing that you owe to your body and will arm you with courage and fire for the rest of the year.

♒️ Aquarius ♒️

Your dreams are sky high right now and you can literally manifest something if you believe in it wholeheartedly. The biggest battle you have right now is your own cynicalness. It’s tough to believe that you really can do it and so you can’t. Believe that you can and you will be able to get there faster than you think. Make sure that your idea of success gives you room to grow.

♓️ Pisces ♓️

Somehow, in someway, you don’t quite fit into the world that you know and don’t quite love but can’t forget. You’re a piece of tissue paper, Pisces, floating and breaking as you go. This week gives you the opportunity to break into more pieces than you’re used to and this shines a light through the prism you look into the world with — hybridizing everything.

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