Video Of The Day: This Short Film Will Make Even The Most Hardened Lesbian Cry

I’m not crying. YOU ARE CRYING.

I know we may be a day or two late to the gay-video game on this one, but hey. The GO Magazines editors have been busy attempting to the lift the queer women in our community, OK?

It’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it, baby.

Anyway if you haven’t seen this heart-wrenching, painfully-gorgeous, animated video, of a closeted little boy student who’s own HEART outs him, well, then you’re welcome. We are glad to bring tears to your eyes on this dismal Thursday morning. We are glad to make you feel something, in this increasingly numb world.

Now we’re just sitting here patiently waiting for the two amazingly talented art students who created this short, to create the baby lesbian version of this video. If this version made us tear up, the lesbian version will make us weep! Or maybe both videos will make us weep. Because, after all, love is most definitely love, isn’t it kittens?

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