Owning It (Part 1) 17 Red Hot Entrepreneurs 2007

Armed with steadfast courage, wit and a savvy sense of business, these 17 out women have grabbed the entrepreneurial torch—chasing dreams, breaking stereotypes and forging the way for the next generation of DIY moguls.

Sara Bacon Founder & President
COMMAND C design + photography

Whether it was Alice’s run-in with an obsessively punctual hare or Watership Down’s infamous showdown between Bigwig and General Woundwort that inspired Sara Bacon to develop a childhood obsession with rabbits, one thing is clear: the fixation continues. Peruse the website for COMMAND C design + photography (com-mandc.com), Bacon’s female-run graphic design firm, and the silhouette of a bunny hops along for the aesthetically pleasing ride.

Bacon, the daughter of two entrepreneurs, who’s a Tyler School of Art graduate, admits she isn’t exactly ecstatic over her employment history. “I got really fed up with not liking my jobs,” she says. “About a month into being in the city I got a job at a graphics house…for 11 dollars an hour. I was there for about three months before I quit and decided to start COMMAND C.” Turns out the short stint left her with more than just a meager paycheck. “I learned so much about the printing industry and design that I felt like I parlay that knowledge into something that was both profitable and that I enjoyed doing,” she says.

COMMAND C’s three-pronged approach to design —websites, graphics and photography—attracts clients as hugely commercial as Samsung and as specific as Cyclone NYC, a boutique spin studio. “Our empire is building and at this rate we’ll be taking over the world by 2009. I’m half joking,” she says. “I see us growing into an extremely creative and dynamic hub for designers and clients alike.”

While the Woodstock, NY native may not pack her planner with extra-curriculars (she laughs at the mention of free time), her intense involvement with COMMAND C has never faltered. “Even when things with the business have been most trying and I’ve questioned what in the world I’ve gotten myself into, there was never any question in my mind about whether or not I was doing the right thing by moving forward.” –IJ

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