Owning It (Part 1) 17 Red Hot Entrepreneurs 2007

Armed with steadfast courage, wit and a savvy sense of business, these 17 out women have grabbed the entrepreneurial torch—chasing dreams, breaking stereotypes and forging the way for the next generation of DIY moguls.

Veronica Rosario CEO
Quattro Management Group, Inc.

Veronica Rosario built her consulting company strategically, confidently and precisely – the same way she forms her sentences. “I’m a deal maker and a networker,” says the CEO of Quattro Management Group, a company that advises new entrepreneurs on finding investors, building credit and business planning. “I connect people.”

The ten years Rosario spent as a financial adviser, loan officer and mortgage specialist taught her the skills necessary to actualize any fledgling entrepreneurial daydream. Her consultancy can build a potential entrepreneur’s corporate credit in just 45 days, turning any striver into a self-starter. “I take a lot of pride in my business and my clients and make sure they don’t get in over their heads,” Rosario says.

Rosario may be the boss, but she’s worn the shoes of both employee and employer, having worked as a sales assistant for a major international equity firm. Her entrepreneurial success allows Rosario to put others on the right path, while managing to give back to the community. Quattro donates a portion of all consulting fees to breast cancer research.

A sharp personality, applicable experience and an acute understanding of people’s needs makes Rosario a sought-after business ally. “I really want to build entrepreneurs,” Rosario says “Because nobody wants to work for somebody else.” Yet, she picks her clients carefully—only those fully committed to establishing a business will do the necessary footwork, and Rosario says that in the long road to establishing a successful business, “If you don’t have perseverance, you’re not my client.” –IJ

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