Kristen Stewart’s Charlie’s Angels Character Is ‘Definitely Gay’

That’s exactly how Stewart wanted it.

Kristen Stewart may be off the market permanently, but you can still sit in a movie theater and fantasize about being her wife! Like, starting this Friday. Stewart’s character in Charlie’s Angels is “definitely gay,” according to Elizabeth Banks.

Banks wrote, directed, and produced the reboot. The movie features a new generation of Angels and a more modern, feminist plot. It also has distinctly lesbian energy – thanks, in part, to Stewart’s character, Sabina.

Banks told Pride Source that Sabina’s sexuality was not written into the script; she left it open-ended on purpose.  “I think ambiguity is kind of modern now,” Banks said.

However, Sabina is totally a lesbian, and that’s apparently what Stewart wanted. “Kristen’s character is definitely gay in the movie,” Banks said. “I mean, she wanted to be gay in the movie and I’m like, ‘Yeah.’ I made sure we kept that little moment in so that you understand what she was attracted to.”

She added that it was important for her that Stewart could present a character that “she was fully behind.”

“It was important for Kristen to present herself as queer in the movie and I was all for it,” she said.

There’s no big lesbian love story in the movie — but that’s also how they wanted it, Stewart told The Advocate.

“We didn’t need to have this side story of some girl that she falls in love with or something,” she said. “These people feel real and modern. And these people seem like what would matter to them would be making sure that people were provided for and that their identities were recognized, that they were allowed to feel. Without bashing people over the heads with topical issues. This movie wears them casually.”

Charlie’s Angels is in theaters on Friday.

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