Weekly Horoscopes For Queer Women: Deeper Connections

What’s in store for you this week, babes?

Weekly Horoscopes For Queer Women | Monday, October 9

Jupiter move into Scorpio on Tuesday! All the Scorpio suns, who have been dealing with a lot, need a little push because it’s been so long since Jupiter has been in their sign. This begins a year of speculation on shared experiences. Jupiter is ideology creating and Jupiter in Libra caused a lot of political activity over social identity and representation. In Scorpio, it will ask us to go deeper and consider the what we are willing to invest into the abstract in time, money, and resources. This transit will create the need to have deeper connection amongst each other and create group intimacies. Rather than just considering what and who is represented, we’ll be considering who has the power to make these decisions.

The beginning of the week might be frustrating. Mars squares Saturn and makes us feel like we are fighting up again an immovable system or barrier. Mars is in critical Virgo, using its powers of deconstruction to go against an systematic ideology (Saturn in Sagittarius). Because the signs are mutable, we are looking to change, adapt, or end something. Neptune in Pisces opposite Mars tells us that the only product worth having is loss.

Finally, the half quarter moon in Cancer reminds us that, as much as we’re seeing other people and showing ourselves off this Libra season, we depend on our insides just as much to define our lives. The end of the week is a good time to give yourself something you crave as self care.

(These horoscopes are more accurate if you look at your rising sign, sun sign, and moon sign! If you don’t know your time of birth, sun and moon signs are fine.)

♈️  Aries  ♈️

You’ve been working on representation for the past year. Now is the time to figure out what meaning you’re generating through your work. This meaning, if it has value, will be just as financial as it is abstract. Put your mouth where your money is. This next year will also be a process of figuring out the people you want to have stay in your life versus show up.

♉️  Taurus  ♉️

It’s time to take what you’ve been working on and make it social. Show something to other people and let yourself get out of yourself. Find the groups and communities that you are so merged with that you are willing to exchange fluids with them. Use accountability to develop a sense of trust and always speak your mind when it comes to what you need in relationships.

♊️  Gemini  ♊️

After a year of play, it’s time to take all that stuff you have made and turn it into something you can work with. It’s time to change the way you work, Gemini, so that it makes you more powerful and doesn’t destroy you. You’ll need to find ways of building trust and alliances to pull this project off. This next year will be all about learning accountable dependence.

♋️  Cancer  ♋️

Love is in store for you this year. You’ll be creative and fall in love in an all consuming way. You can use this to play with other people in an intimate way or you can use to for self love. After this year, you’ll be stronger. Use this time to teach yourself what it is you want and gather the courage to announce that in your strongest relationships.

♌️  Leo  ♌️

You’re challenged this year, Leo, to sort out the issues of power and control that wrap you up in your home, family, and other places of belonging. This next year will ask you to find ways of looking at your heritage so that it empowers you. To do this, you’ll have to sort out situations of domination and financial issues so that you have a sense of security in the place you call yours.

♍️  Virgo  ♍️

Learn something! Dive into a pile of books on one subject and find all the information you can about it. You’ve got a researcher’s mind and want to collect information. This next year will be the best time to get some intense research done. Use this next year to figure out what it is you care about and why you care about this issue. Create something socially valuable.

♎️  Libra  ♎️

Now that Jupiter is leaving your sign, you have a lot of different potentials of who you can be. This next year is time to figure out what these identities mean for you both in terms of self value and finances. How can you monetize your new avenues of expression and give power to yourself? This year will also give you new ways of being accountable when being yourself.

♏️  Scorpio  ♏️

Finally, Jupiter is in your sign, Scorpio! It’s been 13 years since this happened so it’s normal to feel like you need to be rejuvenated. Let yourself explore different possibilities for yourself and experiment with who you are. Makeup and other modes of performance can provide the right avenues. Try out different faces for symbolic value.

♐️  Sagittarius  ♐️

What’s haunting you? In what ways are the dreams that your subconscious makes collectively shared? This next year is about exploring the ways that you have limited yourself without even realizing it. When you need an instinctive need to collectivity, you’re forgoing some of the deep wisdom that you’d have access to otherwise.

♑️  Capricorn  ♑️

All the changes that you’ve manifested through changing your goals and environment will get developed as the same capacity for exploration shifts to what you feel like you can do in these environments. Shape your vision by re-describing your abilities. Dream in a way that makes you focus on the long term. Be all or nothing about your aspirations.

♒️  Aquarius  ♒️

You’re done with making up your mind about something. Now is the time to plan to do the thing. Resist being fenced in and overwhelmed by ideology by opening yourself up to new ways of being in the world. You’ll receive a lot of opportunities if you’re open to trying out new things. Get to know new perspectives so that you can change your mind.

♓️  Pisces  ♓️

What does truth mean for you? How many different truths are you able to imagine at one time? This next year is all about expanding your idea of truth and ends a project of learning about relationships by making you assert what you believe in. Speak up in a way that makes you more powerful, not less. Secrets are sometimes louder than screams.

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