2017 Couples We Love, Part 1

GO’s annual celebration of inspiring partnerships in love and life. Check the April issue for Part 2.

Natasha D’Agrosa and Petey J. Gibson | Photo: Maura Jane Photography

NATASHA & PETEY – Los Angeles, CA
Natasha D’Agrosa, Giving Partnerships Specialist and Giving Trip Lead at TOMS Shoes
Petey J. Gibson, Comedian, writer and producer

Petey and Natasha were married this past September in Natasha’s grandparents’ backyard in Taos, NM.

“Best day of our lives,” Natasha said. “Petey cried the entire ceremony, we surprised our guests with a dance, and an hour before the end of the reception, the generators blew and we danced like maniacs in 30 degrees in the dark anyway. The party could not be stopped!”

Because Natasha often travels to remote places for work, the couple has to work hard at creating opportunities to spend quality time with one an-other.

“We’ve had to just learn how to carve out time for each other,” they said. “We also both became very active in volunteering with LGBT youth, and so that has been something we can do together.”

Petey loves how dedicated Natasha is to the things she cares about (“She is smart, compassionate, organized, works crazy hard for the things she believes in, has great hair and an amazing butt,” Petey said. “All these things are in no particular order.”), and Natasha appreciates Petey’s “amazing sense of humor and the way they make me laugh all the time.”

In five years, they hope to be parents—“raising at least one sweet fat baby … in a home that we’ve created together”—but will continue to make time for themselves as a couple.

“Marry your best friend,” Petey said, “and then you get to spend all your time with them.”