Captivating Couples 2016: Part 2

Meet eight adorable duos and learn their secrets to enduring love

Darcy & Jasper – Sacramento, CA
Darcy Totten, 35, public relations entrepreneur
Jasper James, 42, public relations entrepreneur 
Sparks flew immediately when Darcy and Jasper met nearly a decade ago one January night at The Stonewall Inn. “We know,” they say. “Gay.” Darcy saw Jasper, sat in her lap, and that was that. In 2016, they married on the ninth anniversary of their fortuitous Stonewall encounter. “It was so much fun—largely thanks to a room full of awesome people and a self-serve bourbon bar,” says Darcy.
In 2010, Darcy’s mom was diagnosed with a brain tumor, and Darcy and Jasper moved from NYC to Sacramento, Calif. to take care of her. After a brutal battle, Darcy’s mother passed away, but the unstoppable pair maintain that they became “stronger as a couple for having survived the loss and everything that came with it.” 
When they first met, Jasper was a musician and Darcy was working in film and TV; however, as the years passed, their priorities shifted more toward activism and supporting change in the world. Now, they together run a communications/PR company called Activism Articulated, which they launched “a few years ago in order to support groups and provide teaching around our work with Black Lives Matter, social justice issues and in the Pagan community.” Activism Articulated offers discounted publicity, crisis management, social media management and media training services to activists, student groups, independent artists and filmmakers, and non-profits. Darcy puts to use her background in journalism and PR, while Jasper has become a social media manager. Together, they “complement each other's unique skills” and strive to “provide consulting work at a low rate for those trying to make a difference in the world.”
Darcy says, “We work hard to remember to be kind to each other. The world can be cruel; we offer each other shelter from that. That and we laugh—constantly!” The duo loves their “playfulness and private jokes:” “We keep each other laughing and supported and feeling good even when things are hard.” Next up? Darcy and Jasper laugh, “We want to still be us…but rich. Really, really rich.” Sounds to us like they already are—at least where it counts.  

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