Red Hot Entrepreneurs 2014

Leaders of the pack!

Writer/Director and Founder, Magnolia Bay Films

″Filmmaking chose me,″ says Laine Causey, owner of Magnolia Bay Films, LLC. ″A lot of folks say I´m too old to be starting a ´new´ career, but I say that passion never dies, and filmmaking is what I live for.″ The Houston-based writer and director collaborated on her first film project back in the 1990s and was hooked. In 2009, she directed Which Way the Feather Falls, a full-length doc about the murder of a young woman in post-Katrina New Orleans, Causey´s hometown. She retired from her day job in 2010 and founded Magnolia Bay Films to bring her two decades´ worth of short stories and screenplays to life; Make It Rain, a narrative short, was completed in 2013. Causey is now in production with her second doc, In the Real World, about 12 internet friends Causey met for the first time during a 10,000-mile road trip. ″I´ve been inspired by a well-known Robert Altman quote: ´Filmmaking is a chance to live many lifetimes.´ That really resonates with me, and keeps me cognizant of always doing my very best…My goal has never been to achieve celebrity status, but rather, to do excellent work that might move the audience in some way,″ Causey says. ″And if I should ever be nominated for an Oscar, well, that would be icing.″

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