100 Women We Love: Class of 2017

Every June, GO compiles a select list of talented tastemakers, influencers and all-around inspirational women who are making their mark on the LGBT community and on the world at large.

Nicolette Mason

Photo by Lydia Hudgens

“I’ve always been drawn to fashion, but didn’t necessarily know my place in the industry—I mean, I’m a fat Middle-Eastern dyke. I didn’t exactly think I belonged!” says Nicolette Mason, who works to make the fashion industry more inclusive through her role as a body diversity advocate. A former contributing editor and columnist at Marie Claire, where she championed body acceptance, liberation and personal style, Mason now acts as a consultant on diversity initiatives for brands like Barbie and Target. She has also collaborated with ModCloth and Addition Elle on capsule collections. But Mason says her industry still has a number of hurdles to overcome. “Several brands have approached me to work with them [as an ambassador] only to later tell me they cannot proceed with a relationship because I’m openly gay,” she reveals. “I can now say no to brands or companies that are not aligned with my values, but that is not a privilege everyone has. Being out can be a real threat to many in their professional lives.” For that reason, Mason considers it an obligation to lift others up. “It’s the job and responsibility of many of us in positions of relative power or influence to do what we can,” she says, “for us to all be free and equal.”—KL

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