Hayley Kiyoko Helps High Schooler with Adorable Queer Promposal

They don’t call her Lesbian Jesus for nothing.

In this bleak, bleak world we still get rewarded with painfully adorable moments. Our lesbian pop star lord and savior, Hayley Kiyoko just made our queer hearts collectively explode with a recent promposal.

Hayley Kiyoko has been dubbed “lesbian Jesus” by her fans, and with good reason – she works to make her songs represent real, lived queer experience. And she makes sure her concerts are a welcoming place for her LGBT fans. Furthering her lesbian Jesus-dom, she recently made two lil queer high schoolers queer dreams come true.

Kiyoko teamed up with Fuse for an exclusive call to action in search of high school seniors who needed help securing a prom date. They obviously received many submissions, and the lucky winner was Kassie from Fairfield, CT. She wanted to ask her girlfriend, Nia, to prom through a video made by Kiyoko herself.

Nia had no idea that she was about to receive a promposal from her girlfriend of 6 months via a LESBIAN ICON. She was told she would be participating in an interview about their school’s Gender and Sexuality Alliance. Then she had the surprise of a lifetime. My girlfriend broke up with me two weeks before prom then I had to go with this older rapper guy who had just broken his foot in a DUI. He was on crutches and rapped the entire limo ride. I want a redo.

In the video, Kassie says Kiyoko is important to her because she and Nia would have sleepovers and watch her music videos together. And make pizza. So cute. ::::sheds bitter, seasoned lesbian tear.::: See for yourself, babes.

“Hayley’s music means a lot to us. It’s not just listening to her music — Hayley also creates these amazing music videos with LGBTQ couples, and just to have that representation is incredible,” Kassie told BuzzFeed News.

Such cuties! <3

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