Your Deepest Romantic Fantasy According To Your Zodiac Sign

What’s your fantasy, babe?

What’s your fantasy, babe? Read on and find out! Be sure to check your Sun, Moon, Venus, and Mars signs (all gays know all their signs… if you don’t, check here). Now prepare to stretch your imagination to create your ultimate fantasy, according to your zodiac sign.

Aries: Cadet Babe

Think of military uniforms, close quarters, and what it would be like to literally go through boot camp with someone whose intensity of gaze you can’t quite ignore. Maybe you’re both soldiers controlled by governing forces too big for your control. Maybe neither of you believe in your missions wholeheartedly but must rely on each other to survive in a battlefield.

Your fantasy is truncated, fitting brief moments of explosive passion in an environment that only has time for survival only. There’s just something about the discipline of the military coupled with the undisciplined emotions of a love affair that leaves you wanting. You find it hot when you call a woman ‘sir,’ or if you reimagine what it means to be a subordinate. Your fantasy lover is good with a gun and never misses during target practice or when she’s trying to corner you for a secret make-out session.

Taurus: Rich Bitch

Your fantasy lover is rich. They buy you all the luxurious things that cause the most envy with your peers. Imagine getting everything that you want exactly when you want it. Imagine a lover who doesn’t know how to express their affections except by overwhelming you with extravagance. In this fantasy, your wealthy lover has shitty taste. Cue: you, their tastemaker who tells them what is what.

This fantasy isn’t about money for the sake of freedom or choosing love over money. It’s about money for money’s sake. Your fantasy lover provides for you because they value you but mostly because they have a lot of money and don’t know how to spend it. They buy you boats and houses without blinking. They buy you gold even when you don’t wear jewelry just because they can.

Gemini: Teacher’s Pet

Your fantasy lover is the ideal mentor, who teaches your entire cohort something valuable to life, who shows you how to live pushing boundaries, who reminds you to break rules in their classroom, and who chooses you out of everyone else in the room. Of course, in this fantasy, you’re not exactly faithful to your fantasy lover. In fact, you string them along and present a different personality in their classroom than you do elsewhere. You feel that they don’t really know you for you, but you enjoy it.

In this fantasy, though, you’re also dating a famous punk musician that you bring to your cousin’s wedding, right after bringing your professor to your friend’s get together. You leave everyone wondering whether you’re sleeping with both of them or stringing each of them along. At the climax of the story, you introduce your two, very opposite lovers and watch the complex conversation they have together, which is a little competitive…but also deliciously flirtatious.

Cancer: Melodrama Mama

You have a hard-on for the emotionally stunted ones who you relieve by bringing your boatload of emotions to. You are a force crying melodrama in your lover’s life. You like the ones who play games, the ones too anxious to tell you what they really think, the girls who work from 8 a.m. to midnight who just need someone tender to take care of them a little. Your fantasy lover is too busy for you, leaving you in a perpetual state of desire and want. Which you can’t help but love, you little masochist. Now cry it out.

Leo: Power Hungry 

Imagine if Blair and Serena from Gossip Girl dated. Blair is someone who is insanely calculating about her social power and how she maintains it. Serena is someone who naturally seems to get everyone’s attention and support. Imagine their love affair as a battleground for who is really the queen of the school. Imagine Blair sabotaging Serena just to get her attention and prove that she can, then feel hurt when Serena doesn’t even notice. Imagine Serena taking this in stride and knowing that it’s just because Blair loves her. Imagine the social battle continuing in painful sexual and romantic tension. You love drama whoever you can get it, and your ideal love affair ends in destruction, flames, drama, and most of all, passion.

Virgo: Pining For Love 

In this fantasy, you’re stuck at your boring retail job. You have the graveyard shift so you tend to notice everyone who comes in and there’s this girl who comes every night, asking you random questions just to talk to you. You fall in love with her, and it’s obvious that she likes you too. Then one day she stops coming. Nothing ever happens, but you both think about one another for the rest of your lives when you feel lonely. You just love to pine, dear Virgo.

The banal things in life become spectacular in your fantasies. There a sense of magic to every single little thing when you think about love. It’s almost better when it’s a little melancholic and unrequited because, then, you’re free to imagine what could have been without the actual messiness of working out a relationship. In theory, anyone could be your fantasy lover if they appeared at the right place or time.

Libra: School Girl

There’s something about The Lord of the Flies mentality that happens when a bunch of teenagers are forced to dwell together that creates such hot and dangerous social dynamics. Just because you like to fantasize about what it would be like if the most popular girl in school developed a crush on the least popular, doesn’t mean that you fetishize youth, per se. It’s just that anything with socially stratified dynamics rocks your boat.

Maybe it’s a famous rock star who falls in love with a nobody at a public library. Or maybe it’s a celebrated poet who picks up a struggling one. What you love to sink your teeth into is a good ole clash of the social classes, something that throws off public perception a bit. And it doesn’t matter who you identify with. You equally love to imagine the anxiety of dating someone far out of your league, as well as the authenticity of falling for someone less socially accepted.

Scorpio: Villain Vixen

The power play that you imagine isn’t going to be a conventional one. In this fantasy, you don’t need any outside social structures to give you your power. Yours is one of your own making, of your own charisma and power of your own persona. Maybe you’re the villain in this tale, who has been able to overcome the obstacles in their own and create personal power when it was never offered in the first place. Maybe your fantasy lover is someone that you capture. Or tie up…

The thing is, you don’t want someone to give you your power. You want power to already be all yours. 

Sagittarius: Bonnie and Clyde

You’re in the feral and wild. Imagine desert landscapes where you don’t see anyone for a very long time. Your lover is a cowgirl, she comes and goes but never stays more than a night. You’re fleeting in the wind too– there’s just so much to do out in the wilderness! And you’ve got your heart set on a mission, whether that’s bounty hunting or cattle farming, that you don’t have much time to settle down with anyone.

Your fantasy lover is the Bonnie to your Clyde. You’re both bad guys, and it’s hot. You walk in and blow shit up, literally. Your babe dresses in costume most of the time, but you always recognize her when you stumble upon each other in some ill-fated meeting. You may not see each other for months but ask no questions when you do meet, guns drawn, before jumping in front of bullets for one another.

Capricorn: Head Bitch In Charge 

In this fantasy, you’re a business mogul who doesn’t have time for love affairs. You lead a neat, boring, and conventional life, but then you meet your dirty little secret. Maybe, in this fantasy, she’s a sex worker and the compensated nature of the affair turns you both on. Or maybe, you’re the sex worker who is also a mogul and mixing business with pleasure backfires when you meet the love of your life.

This fantasy is all about how the strategies of love move and obscure love itself. It’s a little about social expectations and shame, but mostly about business and control. The battlefield becomes a game of who controls whom. You get off when there are clear lines between who is a superior and who is a subordinate. You like to imagine what it’s like to suddenly find out that someone you thought you had complete control over actually controls you.

Aquarius: Manic Pixie Dream

It’s hard to tell whether you love to imagine falling for the manic pixie dream girl or envision yourself as that dream. Imagine this: a conformist society makes you very uncomfortable until you find that chick with the devil-may-care attitude, with blue hair, who creeps out everyone in your social circle because they’re the antithesis of what you uphold. No one approves, but you don’t care.

Your fantasy is the girl who makes everyone turn their head at you because they’re so scandalized by the unlikely pairing of your love. You’re like a ballerina, falling for that skater girl everyone else stays away from. If you’re emo, then you’re going for the preppy one. You prefer your relationships to be a giant ‘fuck you’ to everyone else. The more people you can piss off, the truer you know your love is.

Pisces: True Love

Your fantasy lover is an astronaut who has to sail light years away. They’re gone for decades of your life but come back aged just a few years, since space travel means you experience time differently. You still love each other, despite only meeting twice. Later, you find that your dreams, which show your lover and you together in different historical time periods, are signs that you’ve reincarnated together time and time again, never fully meeting or suffering misfortune that didn’t allow you to be together.

Your fantasy is true love, no matter what form your body or your lover’s body takes. Maybe in one of the incarnations, you’re a tree, and she’s a flower just an acre away. And you pine (pun not intended) for each other, despite being so close but plant forms cannot move. (You are super weird and super romantic, obvi.) Love overcomes all in your fantasies.

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