Wonder Woman Icon Lynda Carter Helps An Old Fan Accept His Trans Child

A real life superhero!

The OG Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter, is not just a superhero onscreen. She recently helped an old fan reconnect with his trans child.

In February, Twitter user @Thecorsairswife tweeted a screenshot of a conversation regarding her father’s aversion to accepting her trans identity. At the time, Carter had responded to the tweet “Let him know I would be proud of him if he could find it in his heart to accept his trans child.”

On March 14, @Thecorsairswife shared an update for the world and to Carter. @Thecorsairswife re-shared the exchange with the caption, “Hey [Lynda] a while ago you said this. I told him and I told him what you said. Thank you so much.”

Fans were touched by this interaction, with one responding “Her aim never fails. Kudos to you for reaching out to her and setting things in motion,” and another saying, “This is why I say over and over that Wonder Woman is wonderful, but not quite as wonderful as the woman who played her on TV. I thank you as well Lynda.”

Before she became a household name, Carter began her career with beauty pageants in the 70s. In 1975, she became the iconic Wonder Wonder in the series Wonder Woman. The series ran for a total of 60 episodes and is still alive in America’s pop culture consciousness today. In the series, she became known for her transformation into Wonder Woman, where she would spin until she emerged in full costume– this move became known as “the spin.”

Carter has also been a longtime ally to the LGBTQ+ community. In February, she said “Over the years I have heard that ‘the spin’ has resonated with trans people. It’s no wonder why. We should all have the chance to be our truest, most empowered selves.”

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