Mo’Nique Comes Out As Bisexual On Her New Netflix Special

“It’s OK Mo’Nique, we all love women.”

Comedian and actress Mo’Nique came out as bisexual on her new Netflix comedy special My Name Is Mo’Nique.

The special aired on April 4 and came with a big reveal. Audience members and viewers were left stunned as the Baltimore bred star cried and spoke about the moment she came out to her husband and manager, Sidney Hicks.

“I said, daddy, I want to be with another woman sexually. And he looked at me, so beautifully and so patient and so loving, and he said, ‘bitch, me too!’” she said, and the audience burst into laughter.

Mo’Nique was nervous about coming out because she didn’t want to disappoint her family, especially her grandmother, The Shade Room reports. Mo’Nique had a queer aunt growing up that the family called Uncle Tina. Mo’Nique remembers her grandmother not being particularly kind to her queer art, this fueling her hesitation to come out. Ultimately, she decided to come out in the best way the 55-year-old star knew how: through comedy.


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After Mo’Nique had the conversation with her husband about desiring another woman, she has decided to keep her desire a “fantasy,” but has still given much needed candid bisexual representation.

Following the reveal on her comedy special, fans took to social media to show support for Mo’Nique’s vulnerability and candor. “I enjoyed this special- and respect her for telling her truth,” wrote one commenter on Instagram. “It’s OK Monique, we all love women,” commented another.

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