Who Needs Coachella When You Could Have Gaychella? Ten Festival Inspired Pride Looks.

Because rainbows crowns are cooler than flower crowns.

It’s almost Pride Day, babes. The day we’ve all been collectively craving, waiting for, and obsessively planning outfits around. This year, it’s time to kick it up a notch. Yes, the rainbow bandana and t shirt are cute but they’re tired. Why not be as extra, sparkling, and ragingly homosexual as possible? This is your time to shake off the depression and overall bullshit we went through this year, and celebrate being out, proud, and fabulous.

1. The Leather Coven Collar

There is nothing sexier than a simple o-ring collar. It’s the easiest and most effective way to sex up an outfit. You can wear your standard shorts and tank top combo to Pride, but throw on a Leather Coven collar, and boom, you’re walking sex. The best part? They’re queer owned.

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Make your leather Pride fantasies come true and purchase a Leather Coven collar here.

2. Little Black Diamond (Literally everything on the site!)

All of my favorite over-the-top outfits are from Little Black Diamond. It’s like this line was MADE for extra AF lesbians at Pride. LBD has a plethora of non-basic rainbow looks and sexy, edgy all-black looks, if that’s more your style (I know it’s mine). Not only are the pieces daring and hot AF, they are breathable and comfortable, `cause let’s admit it, we all sweat like pigs at Pride.


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Become a mystical unicorn babe or badass bondage babe for Pride by scoring your own LBD get-up here.

3. Lovehoney DOMINA Deluxe Open Bra Harness

What better way to celebrate your Pride than to show off your kinky side while also looking impossibly chic? This sexy harness is the perfect accessory to rock at Pride to let those hot lez babes know you’re in the market for a daddy.

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Slip into this naughty ensemble by getting it here.

4. Meundies- Pride Edition
Pants are optional at Pride, duh. We might sometimes be treated like second class citizens but we know how to have half naked fun, damnit. Meundies are not only adorable, they are comfortable. All of the GO Girls came into work this morning, all gushing over how incredibly comfortable our new Meundies are. Even if you are like – Come on, how comfortable can panties be? – you will become a believer the second you slip these babies on. They are life changing.

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Get comfy and cute for Pride by snagging your very own rainbow Meundies here.

5. Fluide Makeup Glitter and Lip Gloss
Created by one of our fav queer mega babes Isabella Giancarlo, Fluide makeup is your one-stop shop for queer AF Pride makeup. Try the glitter all over your body for a fierce lez mermaid lewk. As for their liquid lipsticks? All three of the GO gals wore them during debau lez party Dinah Shore and they lasted through all the sweating, kissing, and swimming so obviously they’ll stand the test of Pride. This summer, I’m especially excited for their new lipglosses.

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Get sparkly and sexy by dousing yourself in Fluide makeup here.

6. Femme-icure at Wild Oleander

I have been wanting a “femme-icure” (long acrylics with short pointer and middle finger for purposes of ~penetration~), but I have always been too scared to ask for it, for fear of a queer-phobic (or just generally confused AF) response. Luckily, I recently found Wild Oleander, a queer friendly salon located in Brooklyn. I reached out to them via email, asking about a femme-icure and they were more than understanding and accommodating. I instantly felt comfortable, and insanely excited! Stay tuned this Tuesday on GO’s Instagram, where I’ll be documenting the process of getting a Pride-style femme-icure!

Book an appointment at the gorgeous Wild Oleander here.

7. Doll’s Kill Rainbow Platforms

Get closer to the lez goddeses up above in these sky-high rainbow platforms. Stomp around Pride like you own the place. What’s that, you say? They’re not, practical? BEING GAY ISN’T “PRACTICAL” EITHER, TOUGHEN UP AND WEAR THE DAMN SHOES, BITCH.

Crank up the heat (and your height) by purchasing rainbow platforms here.

8. Choas Makeup Rainbow Highlighter

There’s a reason the internet continually collectively loses its damn mind over this rainbow highlighter, I mean, it’s RAINBOW HIGHLIGHTER. A dash of this on your cheekbones, darling, and you’re the glittery, gay epitome of Pride.

Get your rainbow glow on and purchase rainbow highlighter here.

9. Fashion Nova Take On The Night Set

Fashion Nova is the insta-hoe go-to because it is AMAZING, you guys. And to make them even more amazing, they are now LGBTQ hoe friendly. They have a plethora of sexy and fun rainbow clothes on their site, this hot bandeau and pant set being my all-time fav.

Slay Pride in this rainbow ensemble here.

10. Bijoux Indiscrets Body Chain

Bijoux Indiscrets has some of the hottest body chain I have ever laid my lez eyes on. GO’s very own managing editor Corinne Kai has a ridiculously hot body cage that I’ve admired on our lez nights out on the town, and it’s from, you guessed it, Bijoux Indiscrets! A body chain is the perfect way to glam up your Pride lewk. And maybe catch the attention of that hot babe in the crowd.

Adorn yourself with a sexy body chain here.

I will be wearing each and every one of these looks this upcoming Pride week! Follow me on Instagram to see them.

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