Weekly Horoscopes For Queer Women: Discover The Unknown

What you need right now is a room for yourself and the absolute freedom of privacy.

Cancer season is almost over — on Sunday, we enter Leo season. Make the most of this last stretch of Cancer season by burying your nose in some everyday fairytales. The third decan, or third, of Cancer is a little like Pisces. Even if you like to be around familiar things and things that you already know right now, you’re also discovering the unknown just by staying in your soft, little bubble. It’s your most private thoughts, feelings, and ideas that you’re engaging with this week. 

Find what frequency just being with yourself makes. Allow some confusion for yourself. Let yourself do nothing and you’ll find that you start doing something quite naturally. The first quarter moon this week starts building your energy back up. Now that you’ve cut some losses during the eclipse, it’s about time to reshuffle your priorities and do something with yourself again.

The sun runs peregrine this week (except some lunar aspects), meaning that it doesn’t expect anything. The way you spend your days might feel like an after thought. You may not notice how your energy slips away and plans might slip away. Let yourself put some plans on a back burner to focus on more abstract things if you need to. What you need right now is a room for yourself and the absolute freedom of privacy.

Read for your rising sign! If you don’t know your rising sign, read your Sun and Moon 🙂


If you can, take a break from your life and just be around your family. Forget the person you are when you’re trying to be an adult and find your childhood home. You aren’t the same person anymore and the jokes you’ll share with your parents and siblings are new. You’ll find yourself slipping into a different role at home which informs your development without realizing it.


Some kind of mental project or new source of inspiration will have you searching for new information. Maybe you just discovered a subreddit you love or you’re taking a pottery class that you’re obsessed with. The experience will give you a flexibility that’s hard to come by. Make sure that you’re taking notes because, by the end of the week, you might forget everything.


It’s easy to spend money now and easy to make it. At the end of the week, look at your spending habits and earning potentials. Don’t think too much about it during the week. This is a week when you’re not given to too many pressures or anxieties about money, so it’s a good time to observe what your daily habits can look like. It will make you feel better about yourself.


This isn’t a great time to buy new clothes or change your look. All you’re meant to do is to keep being the person that you already are. It’s your job to like that person now. You might indulge in revealing some secrets to friends, which will make you feel better about the things you’re insecure about. Let other people know what’s going on in your head.


Tell yourself a story that you want to hear, secretly, which you don’t want to admit that you want to hear. Psychoanalyze this story. It will contain important information about what you’re being too careful about and your false illusions. If you don’t want to tell yourself a story, then just make sure that you are sleeping a lot. You will dream the stories instead.


Make friends with your family. Make your friends your family. This week might feel a little useless to you because you’re just spreading your bonds with those you love, not getting productive work done. This week will make you feel good for how to take on the world. Tell some stories with friends and listen to the stories they bring. Love other people.


The pack that you are creating around yourself doesn’t need any special effort from you right now to make people stick together. Maybe some of your friends will even hang out without you — don’t take it personally. All it means is that the people you put together in the world really click. When you see them next, you’ll see how naturally your interactions work together.


Get so obsessed with something that you’re spacing out at work to research the topic on your phone. It’s just a week, so it’s okay to get carried away. Getting weirdly interested in learning something will help with your capacity for curiosity in the long term. Whatever it is, teach as you learn — add your own viewpoint to the information that you process.


Reflect on the things that bind you across time and space to people who you knew, know, or will know. Now is the time to purge all past affects of relationships that you don’t want to remember away. Sex might be a deliverance from the humdrum of the days. Let yourself have that time. You’re doing some healing work on yourself whether you realize it or not.


Spend some time with people who you have forgotten for a while now. When you see them again, you’ll remember older versions of yourself who you thought you left behind. Wear those older skins for a little bit. It’s possible that you’ll find some old wisdom that you lost long ago. Take a break from business as usual through the people you are around.


Do something good for your body or learn a new skill. Learn a new programming language. If you set aside time for yourself to do so this week, you will be able to concentrate free of online or IRL distractions. Let what it is you are learning carry you off somewhere. It will benefit your work life and you’ll be surprised at how much you can learn in just this week.


Play a game that you’ve never played before. This might mean trolling online, getting friends over for a board game, or world of warcraft. Whatever it is, you’ll find some unexpected revelations through your living process despite not being able to control it. Prioritize fun over all else this week, even if it is hard to. Give yourself the chance to take a break from your struggles.

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