Weekly Horoscopes for Queer Women: Lunar Cycles

What the lunar cycles have in store for you.

Weekly Horoscope for Queer Women | May 1, 2017

The first quarter moon of every lunation cycle is always about defining the will – in this month’s individual crisis moon, self value is what is being discovered. The impulse will be subjective, wild, and much more about personal value than anything societal. This quarter moon comes right after a Moon-Pluto opposition that is about exploring our personal power within security. Chaos may threaten us before we take charge of own stability. Someone may disrespect us before we have to assert our value. We might feel betrayed before we define what trust means to us.

After the quarter moon, the Moon will then trine a Mercury that retrogrades past Uranus before going direct on May 3rd. Retrograde Mercury is a disobedient, whizzing object crying and laughing at the same time and talking about subjects that are deemed inappropriate. When Mercury retrogrades, we are much more aware of how we are mentally ill than mentally normative. Uranus is the object of revolution. We’ll change our minds about something this week in a sudden urge to rebel and find that it fits much more comfortably what we desire than ever expected.

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In what ways are your fears of instability affecting the way that you treat yourself? A healthy value system means grasping a healthy system of self worth – something which doesn’t come easily to any Aries. See if your offbeat mentality and morality is compatible with what you find valuable. This week shouldn’t be about anything other than how you’re treating yourself. Make sure you love yourself before critiquing your relationships.


Do things that make you feel more beautiful right now. Try a new skin care routine or anything that makes you feel privately good about your body. Let yourself escape a little this week because you’ll want to pay close attention to your dreams. They may be trying to tell you something urgent. You’ll need some down time to process.


Your relationship to humanity needs evaluation. This doesn’t mean that anything is wrong with it necessarily but that you’ll have your mind on how social groups are defined at some point this week. You’ll want to think about how tropes of progression, intellect, and collectivity come into your life. There might be subconscious fears keeping you from facing these issues in a direct way.


Security is in focus for you this week, especially issues with whether or not your dreams are financially feasible and practical. You might find out of the box methods to do a little long term planning this week. Redefining self and context might be an uphill battle. You’ll never know what will make you successful but you can decide what you want to stand for.


You may feel like you don’t quite fit in with the world or whatever the contemporary zeitgeist is somehow. This will make you feel both frustrated and enlightened. Focus on creating your own truth this week, Leo, with an emphasis on the creating part. Making your ideas so that they can exist in the world’s framework but still be original takes a lot of consideration and work.


Using the brain you know is your weapon against yourself may seem counterintuitive but this just what happens this week. You’re in a good rhythm of thought and process, maybe deep in a good read or in the middle of developing an idea on paper or in your head. This week, you want to evaluate yourself as the brainstormer to break the limits you’re not even aware you have. Critique yourself thoroughly and lovingly.


If your life has been a series of miscommunications for the last few weeks, this is your chance to figure out why. Are there things that you depend on from other people that you’re not consciously aware of? What about how others depend on you? Don’t try to talk about these issues directly until May 3rd. It’ll take you until then just to get your thoughts in order.


You might be undergoing a process of labeling yourself in a specific way to define your identity to yourself and in society. This week, you want to feel yourself objectively. In your head, you might even rehearse defending your relationships to an authority figure. You can use these arguments to sort out your priorities later in the week to figure out what you care about.


Your employment and work could generate some overdue feelings this week as you reconsider what it is you care about, prioritize, and want. Questions of satisfaction come to the forefront and you’ll want to make sure your work gives you as much value as you give it. Make any necessary adjustments through conversation so that you can feel good about what you do.


Some would say that desire is the most important thing in life. How do you measure the desire in yours? If desire is what creates, then you’ll want to exercise consciousness over how it is both self determined and completely dependent on others in your life. An awakening dealing with the past can help you. It is more important this week helps you feel your own desire than put you in any position to just describe it.


You might feel pressured to talk about your past to another person or think about relationships in your past. Somehow, this calls your daily routine into question. You might have been making decisions based on past traumas rather than in an effort to create your present. You don’t like to do this, Aquarius, but think about what your life represents socially to access the way you create private value.


Your daily decisions affect how you abstractly figure the world out to be. Finding the time to learn might still be a battle but this week will have you taking charge of your schedule enough to figure out how to prioritize it. If you’re a writer, figure out when you can write! An outside force will provoke you to consider your value in a disobedient way. Don’t try to understand it right away but let the seed germinate.

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