Weekly Horoscopes for Queer Women: Romance Is Heating Up

Spring is changing, finally, into summer.

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Things are starting to heat up. Things are starting to get hotter. Venus swims into Leo while Mercury goes into Cancer. There’s a new moon in Gemini. Spring is changing, finally, into summer.

For every summer you waste, you lose a little bit of hope. Don’t waste this one. Venus in Leo demands you do the following: Go outside and recharge your vitamin D battery. Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables and remember what food tastes like. Let yourself sweat — it’s great for your skin. Go swimming outside because you can.

Remember to write. Even if it’s not something you normally do, the New Moon is the best time to do this. It’s an excellent time to begin a new journal. If you still have too many pages in your current one, then do sketches or quick poems that fill it fast. You want to start on a new page right now. Make sure you write at night — it’s when everything you’ve got through during the day is most relevant and spills out of you the fastest. Write in order to nourish your memory and decide what is important to. you.

Read for your rising sign! If you don’t know your rising sign, read your Sun and Moon 🙂


Go out and play. Call some friends and decide that you’re going to do a game of laser tag, of board games, or of karaoke. You’re going to be the one instigating the fun in the world for a bit and your friends will appreciate it, especially if they’re busy. What you need most of all is to remember your fantastic sense of humor and to wield it well.


Update your belongings. So much of your world is about who gets to belong and who someone belongs to. Ask yourself these questions now, when you’re able to make sense of the world. You might feel like a migrant in a world where you have no belonging because belonging is such a loaded issue. Relax your hold on some things so that your able to feel things with your hands again.


You’re able to feel every moan and murmur your organs feel this week and react without pressure or emergency. Let yourself just love yourself. Care for your immune system, your veins, and digestive tract — you’ll see all the affects on your skin, hair, and waking life. This love will give you a self worth fighting for in the great beyond of the future. 


Learn one more way to support yourself. What you think you need may be completely different than what you actually need. Grow yourself by giving yourself a little more water. It’s time to change the way you work because you need to make more money than you have been. Ask for a raise or look for a new job — love yourself and know your own value.


Just be yourself. You’re at your most beautiful this time of the year because the weather finally agrees with you. Eroticize your relationship with yourself and be the lover to yourself that you want to manifest in your life. Compliment your style, touch yourself, and communicate with yourself in the love language that you feel the strongest.


Love your privacy. Do something by yourself. You love this weather even if, sometimes, you forget about enjoying it. Take a walk on your own and notice the things that no one else does. Every growing thing has a different life design — can you make sense of any of them? Take a trip to somewhere with nature and amaze yourself on life alone.


Love your friends without expectations of give or take. Give yourself to your community without any kind of strings attached. You won’t regret it but will gain days of fun and better self confidence. You’re learning to love your friends, Libra, beyond just in relationship to you. Love your community for simply existing and you’ll be able to love yourself for just being there.


Show yourself off to the world. Expose yourself. Most of all, you want to look strong to the world. This means that you need to understand all the fears you have first and foremost. You’re coming out once again with someone important. Everyone’s attention is on you — decide what you want to do with it. Love the world and your existence in it, even if it’s so flawed.


Make fantastic statements about anything and everything. You’re beautiful and wise because you’re never afraid of saying the wrong thing, Sagittarius. Every mistake you make makes you grow a little stronger and bigger. Talk shit about the universe and its physical laws. Express frustration about your inability to teleport (yet). And don’t forget — be funny about it.


Take a step backwards. You’re working on love and trust today. In order for you to love anyone, you have to trust them. In order for you to trust anyone, you have to trust yourself. All the times you thought you screwed up may come up if you don’t feel that you’ve outgrown a past persona. Take your lessons and you’ll regain your trust in yourself.


Fall in love. Love your crushes — not just in a romantic way but a multifaceted way. Love who they are, what they do, and support them anyway that you can with no strings attached. Do this for as many people as possible. Let your actions brag about just how much love you are truly and authentically capable of bringing into the world.


Love yourself and your body and your daily process of living. Eat the food that you remember from your childhood. Eat food that you’ve never tried before that surprises you with the flavor. Cook food for someone else and let someone cook for you. Have amazing dreams when you go to bed at a decent hour and fantasize about something private.

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