Video Of The Day: Queer Dancer Takes Her Resistance To Trump Tower

“Dance is the ultimate non-violent, extremely powerful form of resistance.”

Art is such a powerful act of resistance. As queer and trans people, we can fuel our righteous anger into our creativity to make a statement. That’s exactly what dancer Rebecca Hidalgo did on the eve of National Coming Out Day.

Hidalgo is a queer LatinX performer, movement artist, choreographer and multimedia producer—so she knows a thing or two about making a loud statement through artistic expression. The video starts off timid, as she’s looking around and suddenly the viewer sees she’s in front of Trump Tower in NYC. She slowly warms up until she’s dancing to her fullest, expressing herself through movement and pulling out both a rainbow and American flag. It’s a powerful statement to our president that LGBTQ people are here and unafraid of his attempts to take away our freedoms.

“For me, dance is the ultimate non-violent, extremely powerful form of resistance—using the body to exude power and express feelings is something that can be universally felt and recognized,” Hidalgo tells GO. “It goes beyond words for both the dancer and observer. As the dancer/mover, I can connect with people on a level that is visceral—a physical feeling that stirs up emotions and thoughts about the subject matter to which I’m dancing. And if, for example, my dancing brings a feeling of joy to someone who is homophobic, and they then realize the subject matter, perhaps they are more likely to take in and listen to my message of equality and acceptance through the feeling of joy I brought them.”

You can follow Hidalgo’s work and project Move With Pride here, on Instagram and Facebook.

Hidalgo would also like to thank Svitlana Zavialova, who was integral in making this video happen.

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