Video Of The Day: Hayley Kiyoko Is Making Us Feel Lots Of Feelings In Her New Video “Feelings”

We love this super queer video.

Hayley Kiyoko has done it again. Her new video “Feelings” (which was released on TRL Friday) is moving, sexy, creative and queer as fuck.

The video which was directed by Kiyoki and shot in one continuous take, shows Kiyoki following a girl around on a night out. As she dances around this mystery babe she sings about how addicted she is to “feelings.” I mean if “feelings addiction” isn’t the most lesbionic thing you’ve ever heard I don’t know what the hell is, babe.

In short, we love this super queer video, we love Hayley Kiyoko and truly we can’t help but wonder what our youth would’ve been like had we seen such awesomely queer representation on TRL. We have high hopes for Gen Z.

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