Video Of The Day: Hannah Hart Talks About Biphobia

Hannah Hart gets real.

I was skeptical when I first clicked on Hannah Hart’s video titled “Dating A Bisexual” because there is a lot of bi-phobia in the LGBTQ community. I’ve heard many a lesbians say that they wouldn’t date a bisexual woman purely because she’s bisexual (like, huh?). I don’t get that thought process at all and I think it’s dangerous since bi women are a part of our community and deserve to be welcomed with open arms.

Hart’s video reiterates that in a powerful way. She talks about her past fear of dating bisexual women and the internalized homophobia that came along with that. Hart is currently dating a bisexual woman and talks about how non-bisexual partners can be supportive of their bisexual partners. She gives some great advice.

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