Video Of The Day: Glamour’s Women Of The Year Awards Takes On #MeToo

Strength in numbers.

Last night, Glamour magazine hosted their annual Women Of The Year Awards and they were powerful. I can’t speak from personal experience or anything, because I’m not that fancy—but I did watch the events happen through several Insta stories. So many incredible women took to the stage to accept awards while also inspiring us all. 2017 has been a hard year for all of us who care about humanity. But there has also been so much to celebrate.

My favorite moment was when Anita Hill, Ann Cardena, Cameron Russell, and Aly Raisman got on stage and shared their experiences with sexual violence. The #MeToo movement only continues to grow and last night was just one more example of why the momentum only continues to build speed 6 weeks after the original allegations against Harvey Weinstein. These four women asked everyone in the audience who was impacted by sexual violence to stand. The majority of the attendees took to their feet. They then asked everyone in the audience who wants to make a difference on this issue and not silently watch sexual violence happen to take to their feet. The rest of the attendees stood.

There is strength in numbers and Glamour affirmed that for us last night. I was brought to tears several times just knowing that this movement has made such a strong impression on so many people who now want to take action. Let us join together and fight back against the powers that be which have silenced us for too long.

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