Video of The Day: American Horror Story Cult Is Our Terrifying Reality

I am already terrified.

American Horror Story just released the first official trailer for their new season: Cult. And I am already terrified. Ryan Murphy has really gone for it this time, like really committed full force to having the whole country crying from fear. He has created our reality in this new season of AHS.

That’s right. It’s all about a lesbian couple living in Michigan who fall apart after Trump wins the election. Sound familiar?

Sarah Paulson will play the main character Ally, with Alison Pill playing her partner Ivy. The opening of the trailer shows Sarah Paulson’s character losing it that Trump is now elected President and the couple attempting to console their child. The real plot twist is when a clown keeps appearing and tormenting their house, driving the lesbians to the point of insanity. It seems that the couple’s babysitter has been planted in the house by Kai (played by Evan Peters) to torment the Ally and Ivy because they aren’t Trump supporters.

As Kai says, “If you get people scared enough, they will set the world on fire.”

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