Valentine’s Day Forget Me Nots for Forgetful Lesbians

She won’t ever know you forgot. And we won’t tell. 

Happy Valentine’s Day! Let me guess, you forgot procrastinated again. Totally understandable! It’s tough to get yourself back in the gift-giving mindset after the whirlwind that is the holiday season. But don’t fret; we are here to help. If you have a sweetheart whose gift you’re still stumped on, we have your back! Here is a gift guide for every situationship that has instant results (no waiting for shipping!), and in most cases, doesn’t require a trip to the store. She won’t ever know you forgot procrastinated. And we won’t tell. 

Established, but still fresh

An Elaborate Handmade Card

A card is great for anyone, but in a fresh relationship, you can use all of the butterflies in your tummy to write a sweet and sappy love note. Read some sapphic poetry to get your creative juices flowing, or even quote it in your cards. You can decorate the card however you see fit or even add cheesy love coupons, but make sure you put your feelings into it. This is the holiday to do it!

Homecooked Meal

Is your partner’s way to their heart (or into their pants) through their stomach? Cook them the meal of their dreams.  Cook with aphrodisiacs like chili peppers, chocolate, honey, or fig, and make sure to have some red wine on hand. Maybe you get some oysters and recreate the scene from Ratched. Now, swallow.

Decorated Framed Photo

Just like the card, anything handmade has a sentimental touch to it. Print your favorite picture of you together and make a frame that matches your partner’s aesthetic. Maybe match the colors of their room or try to emulate their favorite artist. If you want to keep the Valentine’s Day theme, this tutorial shows you how to make a simple DIY frame. Take your relationship to the “I have pictures of us hanging in my room” level. 

Ornate Origami

Origami was first created almost 2000 years ago for use in religious ceremonies. Now, it is an intricate art form, but all you need is some paper and the ability to follow directions. You can go with a classic swan, or you can find something that your new fling would be into. You can use Youtube tutorials like this one to help you every step of the way (if you need something simpler, try this one). It doesn’t have to be perfect! The thought and care that goes into making origami are what make it so special. 

Together but not really but you definitely are but there’s “no label”

Curated playlist

Making a playlist is the perfect neutral gift for someone who you aren’t really sure where you stand. It’s thoughtful and sexy without being *too* much. Make a soundtrack for your next ~meet-up~ or collect some new music that you think they would like. If you need some inspiration, check out public wlw playlists on Spotify like this one, this one, or this one.

Their Favorite Vice

If you know your non-partner’s favorite wine or weed, bring some over. It’s a sweet and simple gesture to let them know you appreciate them. You know they will like it, and it will get you both in the mood. This gift shows that you’re paying attention to what they like, but not *too* close like an official partner would.  

Morning-After Breakfast

After a long night of getting busy, you’re going to work up an appetite. Take your pseudo-sweetheart for breakfast as a “job well done.” Who knows, maybe you’ll find out that you enjoy seeing each other in the daytime just as much as at night. 

U-Haulers and Long-Haulers

Art for your apartment

You just moved into a new space together, and the best part is being able to make it your own. Instead of buying art, make it together! Run to Michael’s and get a canvas and some paints and brushes. You can watch a painting tutorial like the ones posted by queer artist Emily Mackey Art, or you can decide on your own what you want to hang in your space.

Build a fort for a movie night 

Since you probably want to stay in your new home anyway, mix it up! Set up a fort in the living room with pillows and an air mattress and snuggle up with some snacks for a movie night. Watch your favorite steamy lesbian movies or fast forward to all the best lesbian sex scenes

Couple’s question game

Even though you live together, you are still learning about each other. Get a couple’s card game, either in card form or an app, that asks super deep questions. Then, stay up all night talking and connecting. If you’re not crying by the end, you’re not doing it right!

Tickets to a show

In the best-case scenario, you can find tickets to a show around Valentine’s Day that you can surprise them by taking them to. Check out GO’s event calendar to see what queer Valentine’s Day events are happening. If nothing piques your interest, give your partner tickets to a show in the future. An experience gift is especially impactful when you have been together for a while.

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