The First Full-Length Trailer For ‘The L Word: Generation Q’ Is Here!

It’s a full two minutes of “The L Word: Generation Q” magic.

Hi, are you ready to watch a whole two-minute video about what’s to come on “The L Word: Generation Q”? Showtime just dropped the first full-length trailer for the series!

This isn’t the first “Generation Q” teaser video. Starting in August, Showtime began rolling out three shorter teaser trailers. The teasers revealed several new cast members and showed that the series is shifting its focuses onto a younger generation of queers (hence the name).

But now there’s finally a full-length trailer, which Leisha Hailey graciously posted on her Instagram page on Thursday night.

The trailer reveals more about the new lives of Bette (Jennifer Beals), Alice (Leisha Hailey), and Shane (Katherine Moennig). The new series will take place in L.A.’s hipper, younger neighborhood of Silver Lake instead of the original setting of West Hollywood.

Alice is apparently dating a single mom, with hilarious results (including one scene in which she and Shane attempt to wrangle a sick kid who’s about to throw up). As we saw in previous teasers, Bette is busy running as the first lesbian mayor of L.A., because of course she is — impassioned political speeches and all.

There’s a scene with newcomers Finley (Jacqueline Toboni), Dani Nuñez (Arienne Mandi), and Micah Lee (Leo Sheng) ogling a new hot neighbor. Finley is later spotted having an emotional moment in a church — another hint that her character struggles with her religious upbringing.

You can also catch a glimpse of some other new cast members featured in the trailer, including Sophie Suarez (Rosanny Zayas), Gigi (Sepideh Moafi), and Angelica (Jordan Hull). Of course, there are plenty of make-outs, steamy moments, and one friendly slap in the face. Some things never change.

“The L Word: Generation Q” premieres on Showtime on December 8. Watch the entire trailer for yourself below!

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