10 LGBTQ+ Candidates Win Democratic Primaries In Texas’s ‘Rainbow Revolution’

On Super Tuesday, LGBTQ+ candidates in Texas won primaries for nine seats in the state House and one seat in Congress.

Another “rainbow wave” may be hitting Texas this election. On Super Tuesday, a total of 10 LGBTQ+ candidates won their races in the Democratic primary.

The successful LGBTQ+ candidates include one U.S. House of Representatives candidate, four new state representative candidates, and five incumbent state reps. All of the candidates will run as Democrats in the November elections.

Gina Ortiz Jones, an out lesbian, won the Democratic nomination for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives representing Texas’s 23rd Congressional District. If she successfully wins November’s election, she would make history.

“Texans have never sent an openly LGBTQ person to represent them in Congress, but I am confident Gina will end that come November,” Annalise Parker, CEO and president of the Victory Fund, said in a statement.

“Gina’s primary victory puts a crack in the lavender ceiling that has held back LGBTQ Congressional candidates in Texas for generations — and that ceiling will shatter on Election Night. We have an opportunity to double the number of openly LGBTQ members of Congress this election cycle and Gina’s primary victory makes it that much more likely.”

Four LGBTQ+ nonincumbents also won primaries for seats in Texas’s House of Representatives, including Madeline Eden, Eric Holguin, Ann Johnson, and Eliz Markowitz.

Incumbent state reps Julie Johnson, Erin Zwierner, Jessica González, Mary González, and Celia Israel also won their primaries.

“Texas is witnessing a rainbow revolution, with openly LGBTQ candidates winning key swing districts that can determine the fate of the state House come November,” Parker explained.

As the former mayor of Houston, Parker knows exactly what a game-changer it would be if all of these LGBTQ+ candidates are elected.

“We remain one of the most homophobic and transphobic state legislatures in the nation, in terms of the number of anti-LGBTQ bills put forward, and the best remedy for that nonsense is to elect more LGBTQ leaders who will stand up to the bigotry and hatred.”

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