Seven Minutes In Heaven With Queer Femmes Pauli Cakes & Possessed

They put on events where people can explore their fantasies through dancing and vibrant energy.

Welcome to “Seven Minutes in Heaven,” GO Magazine’s brand new interview series that profiles a different queer babe each day, by asking them seven unique (and sometimes random) questions. Get to know the thoughts, feelings, and opinions of the groundbreaking, fierce forces-of-nature in the queer community.

Possessed and Pauli Cakes

Pauli Cakes and Possessed decided to collaborate on a brand new event series for NYC queers. And their first event will help raise funds for a community member’s facial feminization surgery—which refers to a series of cosmetic procedures that work together to feminize an individual’s features; thusly, allowing them to more closely resemble their gender identity. This Thursday, you can dance with delight at Baby Curls, a space that will celebrate queer excellence.

I first met Pauli at an event they were speaking at about anti-sexual violence. I was immediately drawn to their energy and the attention they garnered from the room. Though this is a new endeavor, I can bet that Baby Curls is going to take off with flying colors. It will be a safe space for queer people to collectivize and not only feel seen and uplifted, but to be able to be and feel free around one another.

If you’re in NYC—you can meet Pauli Cakes and Possessed IRL this Thursday, October 5 at Baby Curls! Until then, check out our seven minutes in heaven with them.

GO Magazine: Who are you and what do you do?

Possessed & Pauli Cakes: We are two queer identifying, gender nonconforming multi-faceted creatives based in Brooklyn. As a duo, we curate parties, pop-up shops, and happenings under the moniker Babe Cave. Together we share our love for community organizing, nightlife, and creative expression.

GO: What was the genesis of your collaboration for Baby Curls?

P & PC: In general, we want to create harmonious spaces for our community, with the intention of uplifting, and uniting. Events where people can explore their fantasies through dancing and vibrant energy. Our events combine art direction and artistic collaboration to create fantastical and surreal environments. Baby Curls is just that, a celebration of queer excellence focusing on, and paying our respect to Exquisite of Sateen, who are role models for both of us. Baby curls also represent a hairstyle that is very glam to us.

GO: Where do you go for inspiration when you’re feeling discouraged or depleted?

P & PC: We have very different methods of revitalization. Possessed, as more of an introvert, I build energy through working on ideas and designing pieces for their signature line of fetish wear. Pauli, on the other hand, draws inspiration from going out into the world; dancing, engaging in group identity, performing and meeting people who inspire them.

GO: How do you create representation and space for queer femmes in your events?

P & PC: By prioritizing and booking queer femmes and giving them a platform to be heard, and ensuring their safety. It is extremely important to hold spaces in our community as a priority. It is also our responsibility to support spaces and people that are willing to go above and beyond to accommodate the underrepresented. We are creating spaces for and by queers, instead of letting those who exploit us tokenize and take credit. It’s kind of like reversing the hierarchy.

GO: Why is it important to have queer and trans spaces, especially in nightlife?

P & PC: The detrimental cis-centric and hetero-normativity of day to day life is exhausting. Suicide rates and violence rates are disproportionately high for queer and trans folks. We need spaces that can be safe, autonomous, and protected. People that identify as LGBTQ deserve a space where we can discover ourselves in our independent experiences.

Nightlife is one of the bedrocks of emerging countercultures; from Bounce to Beatniks to Baile Funk to Flappers. We need these spaces and events in order to grow, create meaningful art, and blossom as individuals.

GO: What are you listening to right now?

P & PC: Anything that we could bop to and work to… except for Taylor Swift and Katy Perry.

GO: Where can people find you?

P & PC: You can find us on Instagram @PAULI.CAKES @_POSSESSED_ and for bookings

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