Seven Minutes in Heaven With Caroline Rosoff

“Fashion is not a dichotomous world and I think the LGBTQ+ community plays with that space.”

Welcome to Seven Minutes in Heaven, GO Magazine’s interview series that profiles a different queer babe each day, by asking them seven unique (and sometimes random) questions. Get to know the thoughts, feelings, and opinions of the groundbreaking, fierce forces-of-nature in the queer community.

Caroline Rosoff is an incredible artist, jeweler, and metalsmith. I first met her because we were neighbors in Brooklyn and quickly realized that we had a mutual friend (as most queers do). When I discovered her jewelry work online, I was obsessed. Her designs are simple, edgy, and allow the wearer a little playfulness. I cannot recommend that you check out her designs enough.

So of course, as with all creative queers that I meet, I needed to know more about the designs and Caroline as a person. Dive into our Seven Minutes in Heaven!

GO Magazine: Who are you and what do you do?

Caroline Rosoff: I’m a jeweler, metalsmith, and tassel-maker, currently churning out my own things alongside working for other companies.

GO: Where do you go for inspiration when you’re feeling discouraged or depleted?

CR: If I can, I travel. If not, I dance (so I guess mini-traveling). Your body gets really tired and sore from doing so much physical labor and that stress can make you get caught up in the mechanics of it all. File, file, file, sand, sand, sand, etc. When I find myself there I step away from my bench and try to unwind with movement that’s not repetitive. You just need to jolt yourself. Sensitize. That’s how you notice the beautiful intricacies of the world, and I think that’s what makes the best art. Or at least that’s what drives my best art.

GO: Who are your queer role models?

CR: Oof. So many! Jeanette Winterson was the first lesbian writer to make an impact on me, so she’ll always have a place in my heart. Audre Lorde, Marsha P. Johnson, Sally Ride, and Bayard Rustin to name a few.

GO: Describe your style in three word.

CR: Oscillating femme butch.

GO: What music are you listening to right now?

CR: Christine and the Queens, always. And there’s another queer role model for ya.

GO: Is there such a thing as queer style? If so, what is that for you?

CR: Absolutely! What else has the straight fashion world been co-opting?! For me, it’s about breaking down what’s traditionally been seen as “feminine” or “masculine” and trying to find away around those labels. It’s not a dichotomous world and I think the LGBTQ+ community plays with that space, the un-boundness of it to create new fashion that is representative of our experiences. And those experiences exist outside of the heteronormative culture.

GO: Where can people find you?

CR: My latest collection T E E T H is available at or at a real brick and mortar store in Carrol Gardens called Brooklyn Collective. Barring that you can find me on my Instagram @carolinerosoff.

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