RENO: Tbags and the 2010 Elections

Citizen Reno’s “Money Talks” series resumes November 23 @ Dixon Place

What do you get when you mix Old Overholt Rye, Triple Sec, Perseco, and bitters over ice? A cocktail called the Reno Fizz. This original drink is named after the comedian Reno who is performing this month and next at Dixon Place. Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy both this namesake beverage and the performer herself.

New Yorkers know Reno as a downtown performance artist who has been a repeat offender at Dixon Place as well as PS 122, LaMaMa ETC, The Public Theatre and many other venues. (She has also been seen “uptown” at Lincoln Center and Off-Broadway with several of her solo shows.) If you’re a television person – you’ve probably seen her sitcom “Citizen Reno” on Bravo TV.

Reno’s signature performance style might be described as a stream-of-conscious social commentary with deeply personal rantings mixed with anger, humor and sobering realities. She’s an extraordinary solo performer who often improvs her monologue. In fact, she could be called an improvologist—to which Reno might reply, “What kind of a f**king, bullshit label is that?” I would be offended if she didn’t.

Currently, she is in the middle of comedy show-financial-interview series “Money Talks” at Dixon Place. However, the night I attended the show the day after the November 2nd elections, she interrupted her series with a special report-performance, “Reno: T-Bags, the 2010 Elections, Late Blooming: A DEEEE-BRIEFING.”

Reno is a volunteer for the Democratic Party (and she is quick to point out one reason for her party choice, which is, there’s not much of a choice in a two party system.) Nonetheless, she has been working exhaustively on the front lines to get people to vote. Needless, to say the election results were not what she had hoped for nor for the majority of audience members that evening, who seemed to be made up of folks any where from the middle to the far left on the democratic spectrum. 

Reno riffed on and ranted and raved about the aftermath of the election; she was both sobering and funny. And political. She knows politics from every side and doesn’t miss a beat to point out the good, the bad and the sleaze-balls.

There are only three performances left (see below for dates) of “Money Talks with Citizen Reno” where she host a guest financial expert on each show, whom she interviews. If you are wondering what this show might be like, Reno is not pulling any punches about the shows content when she has said, “I’m not over this Socialism for Wall Street/Debtor’s Prison for the rest of us crap.”

Make no mistake, Reno is her own warm-up act and prior to the interview, you’ll see her perform an hour’s worth of particular her brand of comedy. [And The Reno Fizz is on special during the nights Reno performs.]

“Money Talks with Citizen Reno” will be performed on November 23, December 6 and December 21. Curtain: 7:30pm. Dixon Place is located at 161A Chrystie Street (btwn Rivington and Delancy). Tickets: $20; Students: $15.

A note to barflies: Dixon Place has a fully stocked bar in their cozy and friendly lounge.  It’s open to the public and you don’t have to be queued for a show to knock back a drink.  With a warm and artsy atmosphere, it could be your new favorite neighborhood bar if you live in the East Village or Lower East Side.

The Lounge at Dixon Place is open from 6 pm-Midnight Mon-Thu.  6 pm-1:00 am Fri-Sat. (Closed Sunday.)  HAPPY HOUR: 6pm-7pm Mon-Fri. (2-for-1 beer, wine and well drinks.)  The Reno Fizz is on special during the nights Reno performs. For more info, see and

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