Queer Comedian Hannah Gadsby Tricked A Christian Bakery Into Making Their Wedding Cake

Got ’em.

Hannah Gadsby shared in their latest Netflix special Something Special, that they specifically wanted a Christian bakery to make their wedding cake – and they were willing to pull some tricks to make it happen.

Lesbian genderqueer comedian Gadsby married producer Jenney Shamash in 2021. They introduced Shamash and shared their union in an April 2021 posted stating, “We got married in January and we are very chuffed about it. For the record: this is me gushing. I am full of very positive feelings.”

During their performance in Something Special, Gadsby shared the story of their novelty wedding cake. They said that they and Shamash specifically wanted to trick a Christian bakery into making their cake. They knew that they couldn’t outright ask for it, so they had to be clever.

“We wanted to trick a Christian baker into making a gay wedding cake, and it worked. I was like, ‘Nah, mate, that’s not a wedding cake. I’m turning 10.’ Easy, so gullible, will believe anything, Christians,” Gadsby recounts.

Because the cake had to be a novelty cake to divert from the idea that it was a wedding cake, the design they went with what two otters swimming together with a giant shark about to eat them.

Something Special is a departure from Gadsby’s previously serious and at times cynical style. They made a point to make this special a “feel-good show” as a “reprieve” for LGBTQ+ people, who are currently under attack.

“I want people to love what I love, and that’s what this special is,” Gadsby said. “I want people to love what I love, and that’s this moment in my life, that’s [Jenney] and that’s my ability to navigate an interpersonal relationship. And it’s also my ability to experience joy, which is not something I’ve been able to do historically.” They later added, “Other people who aren’t in the community, it’s not for them — they can enjoy it, it is possible — but this is for us.”


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