Queer artist pronoun wrote your new favorite breakup album

“There’s No One New Around You” is painfully real indie pop.

Alyse Vellturo‘s stage name is one that seems most relevant to the queer community, but she didn’t choose it for any political reasons.

“I chose pronoun because in the literal sense you can be the subject or the object of a conversation and I thought that in itself was very poetic,” she told GO.

The out musician released her debut EP, “There’s no one new around you,” this fall, a self-professed four-song collection of “lo-fi bedroom pop” with “lots of layers of guitars and vocals, and just all around honest and vulnerable.” Literally recorded in her Brooklyn bedroom, the EP was inspired by a three-year relationship that fell apart.

“Break ups, in general, are really hard,” pronoun said. “You’re so used to being with the other person—they’re your best friend in a sense. When it ends, you’re left with going through an intense war with your emotions and you end up going through it by yourself. The one who used to help you through turmoil is not only absent but in most cases the cause of it. It’s just a really shitty feeling, so this EP came from me helping myself through that period.”

pronoun will be playing at SXSW in March. Visit musicpronoun.com for more tour dates.

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